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    I’m an adult webmaster that runs a tube site that contains very rare amateur interracial sex (white women black men) with paid membership.My website is The clips are all quality from cell phones to hd, I’ve started putting content on my website 10 days ago. Currently my website contains around 1600 video clips( I have alot more videos than that) Im wondering how to get some takers that will want to purchase membership on my webiste. I’ve created a xhamster and xvideos profiles that you can see below

    I have uploaded a few watermarked videos there, currently I’m creating a pornhub and yourporn profiles to upload more watermarked clips there. I also posted some links to my website on cuckoldplace and suckywanda forums. I don’t have idea what I can do more to promote my website. I think people like amateur porn and interracial content may find some takers. There are some websites like iloveinterracial that also have premium membership. I just wanted to know what do you think about my project? It could bring some income in the future? I would be very grateful for any tips and suggestions.

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    Welcome, thanks for joining!

    I think I noticed your site the other day actually. Amateur sites are always more exciting than your standard glossy big membership site. Like yours most are made by people who really enjoy what they are doing and puts a lot of passion in to it. Which is great and what makes it exciting.

    I also think it can still be a good time to start a paysite. It really depends on a few things – if your content is microniche, that is always a good thing. If it is not, you need either a heavy budget, a moderate budget and patience or a moderate budget and a good affiliate rep.

    I see you have a lot of videos which is good, but I think you should redesign your paysite. I have heard a lot of good things about the site called and about the paysite script site called, make sure you visit them. Your logo does not look good, you can hire a logo designer and get a new logo for about $10-20.

    Assuming you make a good, useable site, you will still need traffic. You can create your own by making free sites, blogs, galleries and trying it all up in a hub. You can learn to play the search engines and buy traffic. You can rely on affiliate traffic. You can get your site reviewed on the porn review sites like rabbitsreviews or thebestporn.

    Once you have a nice looking paysite with a quality content then you can look for traffic. Create an affiliate program page so adult affiliate can join in and promote your website.

    An affiliate is someone who promotes someone else’s product in return for a slice of the revenue. In this case, a paysite offering commission to someone for referring a customer. They promote your business, get some cut of the commission and you do not have to create your own sites to promote your own business.

    Bottom line is, if you want to make money and be successful you will need to spend money on the site first by getting a web designer, develop a brand and logo, figure out a clear theme and add the new content frequently. It still does not have to be extremely expensive but you will have to get it up to a higher standard to make sales.

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    Ditto to what MAA has said.

    The trick is to state the truth about what you offer members on the tour then get a respected review site like RabbitReviews to validate your claims and affiliates to send traffic. Most of the experienced people here will be able to provide lots of valuable advise. My friend started his adult paysite from scratch and is doing well (I believe) but made a number of changes as the site grew. We all learn in time and tweek things as we go, just like you are doing now. Unless you have something totally hot and unique it will take time to build traffic and start making sales. Do not get discouraged.

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    i run bbcboss & we are trying to do similar to your site

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    The most important thing for me was to get reviews for my site.
    Also, start a Twitter account and talk about your site and your process. Post pictures on Twitter. Start a Tumblr blog.
    All this stuff helps get the word out and gets you on the search engines.

    Then get reviews. Reviews are SO helpful! Rabbitsreviews is a really important review. They’ve been really important for me and helped to build my membership.

    Send out affiliate mailings. This is my biggest weakness. But our affiliates are our sales force. Give them what they need to do their job and value them. Listen to them and communicate with them. I like to re-tweet things that my affiliates post about my sites. When the affiliates win, the site owners win.

    Talk to other site owners. The owners of some adult sites have been a big help to me. MrAdultAffiliate has given me great advice on how to get the word out.

    I’d love to hear other ideas. I can always use more members!

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    The best way is to get content out to affiliates so they can start spreading the word. If you’d like your site reviewed, check out porn review sites.

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    Get your site reviewed…that will expose it to surfers and affiliates.

    It will take time to grow but anything worth doing does.

    Happy trails to you!

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    I have to agree. Get your site reviewed. Many webmasters go to review sites to choose what sites they want to market.

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