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    You might know that we had a little trouble moving my adult blog over to HTTPS a few weeks ago.
    We decided to make the move because it was being offered as a free addition and we’d seen reports about how it can help improve rankings and traffic. And, to be honest, we didn’t think it could actually *harm us*.

    Well, after three weeks and a significant dip in Google traffic, we’re still working to regain organic traffic even with a considerable increase in posting and sharing.

    My verdict so far is that, much like other Google statements/suggestions/demands/threats, the whole “switching to HTTPS will help…” is total bullshit and you won’t actually get anything out of it. Well, that’s not technically true, you’ll get some stress, and then a decline in traffic followed by the desire to fuck Google in the ass with something sharp.

    I’m following my friend’s lead in his attitude to Google. Too many of us spend too much time feeding the beast and expecting something other than excrement at the end of it. I’m going to try to stop paying any attention to Google at all in our own blogging and let them carry on with whatever nonsense they’re doing.

    Write well, share it, engage your audience – you don’t need Google to achieve this.

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    I transferred my site to a https a few months ago. Granted I changed host and fully redesigned the site at the same time, but I lost 90% of my google traffic! It has slowly started to come back, but I agree its a stressful pain in the ass, and other than taking the chance to do a long overdue redesign I have gained nothing but extra grey hairs!

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    I switched my main site to https last December. My traffic decreased dramatically, but in the last month things got a lot better. But some of my minor blogs have a huge jump in visitors after I switched them. Honestly, I really have no idea what are the criteria of Google.

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    our traffic decreased, also, when we went to https. it gradually came back up, but didn’t reach the amount of traffic the adult sites had previously.

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    Careful to make assumptions. Compare the last 30 days with same period last year and see if it follows the same pattern. My own traffic went down recently but then I checked with last year and there is a big dip same period. ]

    I think the traffic loss you see could be a summer period slowdown combined with switching to HTTPS.

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    That is a good point and you’re probably right about that.
    Another interesting thing is that it’s also only with Google, Bing traffic is gradually climbing after a long time being static and low. It’s only a minor increase at the moment, but it’s interesting that Bing might actually be better at this than Google.

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