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    Does it make sense to make money with Hub Traffic? I opened my own adult tube two months ago and now it reached around two thousand daily unique visits and I wonder what is the best way to monetize it.

    I can not find much information about their affiliate program. I hope someone has worked with them and could give some insight.

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    I have not made a cent with HubTraffic as I have never even signed up with them. You basically promote their giant tubes which include PornHub, YouPorn, RedTube by embedding their videos with ads on your site and you earn when you send them visitors.

    I have heard that they pay like three dollars per one thousand of unique visits from the best converting countries like the USA so it is very little if you get organic clicks and they pay next to nothing for countries outside of the Western world.

    Besides all of that, you will need a lot of traffic (like mid XX,XXX visits every day) to make any good income with them.

    There are many more profitable ways to generate money with your traffic. CrakRevenue has premium offers for all kinds of adult niches you can imagine, they have cam and dating ones that convert and Chaturbate is another program that is very popular nowadays mainly due to great retention rates and of course high affiliate earnings.

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    That is right. You’re going to earn literally pennies with them. I got a one tube which is getting roughly 20,000 visitors a day and I only made like 100 a month with Hub Traffic. Adult CPA networks like Crak can bring multiple times more revenue so it’s a no brainer to work with them.

    Plus, most of the reviews (not counting the paid ones) I have seen about Hub Traffic aren’t good at all and there are instances in which affiliates aren’t getting paid or got banned. You can research if you want to.

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    I have promoted their network before but once I reached the payment threshold, I contacted them and never received any reply back from these guys. I guess they don’t even bother with small affiliates like myself, but I have seen other people have similar problems. I have tried monetizing adult sites with other ways and you shouldn’t really bother working with HubTraffic, since they don’t pay you much even if you get a good amount of visitors.

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    I was curious about hubtraffic.

    My question is have you ever used it? And if so, you would you recommend it if my ads arent getting any hits?

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    If you’re receiving good organic traffic (I’m talking about the one from Google) then you shouldn’t sell it for a few dollars since you can make more promoting affiliate programs. Plus, when I used them last year, their system had many server errors and the support didn’t listen to me, so I pulled out the plug. If you only get visitors from social media sites, Reddit, then you might try them but I wouldn’t bother with them, they pay you only like three bucks for one thousand of visitors from the best converting countries.

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