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    I would be happy if you could recommend a good specialist in the field of adult SEO. I’m looking for a person who can optimize a site according to the latest standards of Google. Also, I’m looking for a specialist to deal with stolen images-especially sending DMCA complaints, etc.

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    When do you do look and find SEO specialists, be careful with what they promise. A lot of people do SEO but very few have any idea what they are doing or can actually give you any results.

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    Unfortunately I do not know any good SEO. I got burned when I hired one year ago who seemed very reputable. The issue is that they pull out all these reports, give advice and seem to know what they are talking about but it really does not mean it has any effect at all on your rankings.

    The general rules still hold today:

    – Good Title tags + description (not just for SEO but to attract clicks, google judge on this as well.)
    – Use proper H1, H2 tags (good practice is to use similar words in your title as in your H1 tag)
    – Good high quality text and content
    – Make sure to get returning visitors, if not you need to maybe look at what you are offering. Google knows.
    – Clean up links, disavow any really bad sites and do not link to “bad” sites
    – Incoming links are still very important.

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    Either way be VERY careful with SEO in the adult sector, it does not work in the same way as for mainstream (at least in our experience)

    Illegal sites, no content sites and spam sites still rule the adult sector (along with tubes), dispite this type of site dis-appearing from the mainstream side of search results. Most SEO you do in adult (in those I have spoken to at least) ends up hurting your sites more than repairing anything.

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    If you do find someone that gives you confidence, define measurable goals with them. It’s difficult, I know, but they need to provide value to your site. Don’t lock in, make continuation of your contract with them dependent on achieving agreed upon metrics.

    I don’t hire out anymore, but I’m willing to give any proposal you get a once-over for the second opinion.

    Companies swagger into the adult world (I work with a lot of dating companies that are measured by similar rules) and make long lists of things “you should be doing” to make your staff look like idiots. Turns out, you aren’t actually allowed to do 95% of them because you are the adult sector, or you could do them but it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference.

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    That was my experience as well, they often seem to give advice following a standard rule book. Especially when it comes to how to grow your site which often includes marketing strategies that doesn’t allow adult and are completely useless (facebook and other social media etc).

    Or they will give you useless ideas such as “you need to grow your social media presence”.. yes as if we don’t know that already!

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    You’re right. The Google algorithm works too differently for the porn industry. I’m already working with the one company recommended. I hope they’re going to fix the disastrous situation on some of my adult sites.

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    What platform are your sites on? What type of sites: TGP, pic sites, blogs, tubes, pay sites? What niches? It all makes a difference. I’ve been making my living off of adult for 20 years and now rely on Google for the vast majority of that income, whereas I used to simply be able to trade and buy traffic to convert. hasooth is correct that Google works very differently when ranking adult terms vs non-adult. It’s a little tricky and relies upon user metrics, site authority, site speed, backlinks, competitive research and analysis, among other things. As a foundation though, you need to have tight on-site technical SEO and/or have a very established/aged site to compete. I can help steer you in the right direction if needed.

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