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    It used be a niche domain with .net
    Working 10 years but now its for almost 2 years parked

    still have PageRank: 3/10
    cPR Score: 3.0/10
    DA 22
    PA 34
    External Backlinks: 1,976
    Referring Domains: 322

    I would like to build the same niche tube or blog using this domain, but is the history of it useful or not?

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    I personally bought an expired adult domain for 15$, with
    DA 16
    PA 32
    PageRank: 3/10
    In my opinion, a domain for 500$ should offer way, way more. I guess about 40/40+ which give you by adult websites almost GOD status already:p. You can search for expired domains here; Register there for free…it will show you expired domains with backlinks…if you take your time…you will for sure find some adult domain very cheap in a very good condition.

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    Hey Jazzy thanks for the reply!

    The problem is that no-one will probably drop a 40DA domain I guess 😀

    Have you built something on the domain you bought? Is it getting indexed and SEO traffic or does the DA/PA improved when you built a new content?

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    It is really hard to sell adult domains for good money these days for many reasons. Why not build a site on it and see if you can rank it yourself? Definitely worth trying out in my opinion.

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