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    Seriously it’s a joke and a pipe dream. Most who have read shit here and have tried with the whole “embed video in tube site to get some ad traffic and money” and are lucky to see their initial investment returned in multiple years, IF EVEN.

    Seriously you are setting yourself up for endless hours of content curation, design, headaches, SEO AND MORE just to be lucky to earn your up front investment back IN MULTIPLE YEARS TIME.

    It is not worth it if you have no major plan to get the lion’s share of traffic to you, as you’re basically going to be 99.9% of your own site’s traffic for months and months or honestly forever even.


    I’ve seen people add 100s of videos and niches and SEO and more FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS and earn not even a penny.

    This is working 100s of hours a year and not even breaking even after a year’s time. How can you look at me with a straight face and tell me this is potentially profitable?

    Like you can just merely design a site and then make a wish to a magical fairy that with enough work it’ll be Xvideos?

    Come on — those sites RUN THE SHOW and nobody is bound to ever take any real portion of their share/earnings.

    It’s like telling someone, “Invent the new Facebook to make money with social media ideas!” Yeah, good luck with that …. LMAO I’ll wait while you go on and compete with Facebook and think you’ll make even a part-time paycheck after years of time wasting and futility.

    For business it’s like for like — 99.9% fail and a tiny portion of those with enough luck win — there’s no formula for effort, hard work, nothing — you are almost all wasting your time here.

    Save your money and find something that will give you returns if you can — I assure you the “adult niche porn tube” thing is a waste of time. You’re not eve a speck on the windshield in this game — you’ll be lucky to earn dollars a year with 100s of hours of constant, endless work.

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    I totally agree with it. It’s just one of the millions of ways to scam.

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    For every hundreds of new webmasters that fail, there are always a few that see some success and the same is for the adult webmasters. I am not sure why you are angry, you are clearly doing something wrong but you fail to identify it. You can go to other forum like GFY and there you will see new affiliates coming with new sites and some earn good money. If you want, I can take a look at your site/s and see what you can improve with them.

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