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    First and foremost, thank you Mr. Adult Affiliate for this website. I am very grateful for your hard work and look forward to the continuous learning.

    So, I am very close to being ready to get my “niche” site up. The plan is to have a website featuring videos, pics, and a blog. I would also like to offer a VIP area (small monthly fee) where additional “hotter” videos would be available, and a few other ideas I have up my sleeve.

    Here are my questions: What is the current opinion on HostGator? Would you recommend any others? I definitely must have the WordPress option. I would prefer to have the website set up where membership is free, but an email must be collected to view the free portion of the site. How would this be accomplished. I would also like to have members to have the option to make profiles for commenting purposes on videos and pics AND for a forum area. Is this even possible?

    I look forward to the comments!

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    Did you check out my post about adult hosting companies? HostGator is not good at all and you can read many bad reviews about them on different forums: https://mradultaffiliate.com/adult-web-hosting/. Basically, they have a very poor support and they try to upsell you their different services that you do not necessarily need. There are many plugins that you could use, try to search for membership plugins or something like this on the WordPress: wordpress.org/plugins/search/membership/

    You could look for them on the Google and there should be some good recommendations given.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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