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    I have a very some special thing 😉 I run a kind of “franchise” (cooperation partner system) in the field of Pay6. Primarily for customers who want to start something in the Pay6 area (escort agency, apartment, studio …). It must be said that prostitution (and promote it) is completely legal in my country and for countries I offer this. Having long, many years of experience in this field, already equipped, coached and supported quite 20 “startups”. So the potential partner can buy a “ready to start” complete package (including very good websites, detailed coaching, ongoing support, contacts, etc.).

    My offers are presented via various landing pages. Depending on the topic/target different ones. For a long time I had a large, own email distribution list (150K, self-built, DOI, no spam/purchase addresses) with which my offers were advertised 2, 3x a year via “standalone” newsletters. Unfortunately, after several years, this has now “worn out”, so no longer brings any results. Generating new email leads also became more and more time consuming.

    My ideal target group is actually found where classic “suitors” can be found: In model directories, escort directories, sauna club directories, etc. But it is very difficult to place such advertisements there. Therefore I had started a new attempt some time ago. I turned to various “relevant” (adult/porn) advertising networks (you can always see the “origin” of the banners etc.) and advertise my landing pages here via purchased traffic. Unfortunately, I have received rejections line by line with my “subject” (prostitution). I suppose it was also due to the fact that almost all providers are US companies. My offer was just “immoral” – which is surprising, because on many porn sites “pills”, “dubious renewal aids”, forex offers and who knows what else are offered (I consume a lot and like porn myself, so I know that) they did accept. But ok, what could I do but accept 🙁

    Now I had the following thought: I could build websites (I have a lot of experience, making sites since 2000) or use scripts (RoboScript, as I know WP very well). Build, not use Whitelabel. These websites I make as affiliate of cam sites or tube sites and place there additionally my own well made banners (for my offer). I promote the whole thing with (GEO selected) purchase traffic from relevant advertising networks. Which accept corresponding cam-/tube Sites.

    The question now is whether this can work at all? Because: 1.) I think that the advertised target pages are checked in advance and regularly (?) It is therefore also useless to “exchange” banners in the meantime on my “Fake-Camsite”. And/or 2.) The conversions would be too low because I bring people via banners (from other porn-/ tubesites), etc. on my “Fake-Camsite” which would have to click with me again a banner for my offer. Fortunately I have the great advantage that each my offers cost several thousand EUR. So I could therefore easily use 30-40% of advertising costs and still have good profit. Which is among other things because I can do everything myself, create, no external service providers outside marketing / traffic must pay. Despite that my offer is serious from scope and performance and quality offered.

    It is an absolute niche and offering cheaper does not bring more demand – rather the opposite. It is also very, very difficult to copy because it requires a lot of special knowledge, experience and possibilities and the actual “valuable” is the coaching and the information. As well as the subsequent practical support. Of course also the experience of how to sell something like this in a consultation.

    The other thought would be to find me an experienced (EU only) adult affiliate, adult marketer as a partner. To involve him in the products (complete packages) on a percentage basis. That would be for a partner 1,000-1,500 EUR per successful sale. Only here I have the problem of “verifiability” and transparency. Since not everyone who starts an inquiry (fills out the form, “becomes a lead”) also buys. There are first 1-2 free consultations. The people decide afterwards. Then a contract is done. A sales process thus technically not as with a Membership purchase immediately provable / verifiable would be.

    Everything is not so simple. Maybe someone has tips?

    Thanks, P666

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    I would say keep trying and if you know what to do, you will get some success sooner or later.

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