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    So over the last month I have been working on a Milf Tube site using WP-Script and doing a lot of customization to the PHP. I had a Terms of Service created and was looking for a dmca agent to cover my ass(ets). So I emailed a lawyer who is very prominent in the adult industry and was asking for info on getting him to be my dmca agent. He immediately tried to upsell me on his full legal representation and got overly offended when I told him I just didn’t have the budget to do that. So he tells me what I’m doing is stupid and says I’ll be facing prison time for obscenity and copyright if I screw up.
    Mind you, I’m just importing from Pornhub and Xhamster’s affiliate programs so copyright is unlikely. Anyway, the thought of something happening to me or my family made me pull my site down and drop hosting. But I started considering going with an adult cms like HostedTube because then I might have a little more protection just at the cost of worse SEO. Am I over reacting here? Was he over reacting? I don’t want to give up on everything I have learned and done. But I also want to be safe legally.

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    Honestly, I have been in the adult industry for so many years and I have never heard of anyone getting sued for having a tube site unless someone stole full length movies right and left for years.

    If you are embedding videos from other sites and they are not full length videos, like five to ten minutes long ones, you should be completely fine.

    There are literally thousands of webmasters using XWPThemes’ themes to build their tube sites and I have never heard of anyone having any problems.

    If you sign up for an adult affiliate program to promote their sites, they will give you some promotional content which you can use on your site as well.

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    That’s what I was thinking too. This guy was obviously just trying to get my $800 for his consultation. Maybe I’ll give it a try again. Thanks for the advice!

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    Arif Ali

    Plz riplly me

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    Arif, post your question here.

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    Lol, you will not have any problems at all, Alex. If it is going to be a hobby adult website then go with HostedTube but do not use them if it is going to be a money site since you will not get any organic traffic to your site if you use them. Get a domain with WHOIS protection, get a theme and use WordPress and post legit videos and you will be fine like thousands of other affiliates.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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