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    I have bought the WP-Script even after checking negative reviews on trustpilot and BHW, because i took the word from this website and thought it’s legit good. However, I contacted the owner about i had to change the plugin but never received a reply except after day two of my purchase they asked my paypal receipt. Then i haven’t heard from them, the owner of the site claims it takes them 24-48 hours, and when contacted he told me it’ll take 3 days for the support. But, i haven’t heard from them. The owner of the site have time to send you promo emails but no-time for helping with the support. Which takes 5 minutes or less. After posting on Twitter he finally refunded me after 8 days. My suggestion is don’t buy this theme and plugin, you will never hear from the support team. Again, I’ll never take any word from MrAdultAffiliate you lost trust in me, never going to buy anything that you recommend.

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    And still, there are so many webmasters who are happy with the product and who make money with it, and they keep on creating additional sites with this script, to multiply their earnings. THAT MEANS IT IS GOOD!

    5 minutes for one client, but imagine having 100 e-mails from clients every day. Multiply that with 5 minutes. Now you understand why it takes longer to hear from the developers. But the weird thing is that they replied to me EVERY SINGLE TIME, and quite fast, actually.

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    I share only my own experience on here. Look, I am using their products and they all are working fine. When I had issues, they replied and helped me. I also have asked for a refund once for one of their plugins and I received it, it took a few days but they did.

    If you want, I can share with you my adult sites using their plugins and themes, it is not a problem for me, but I will not do it on a public forum for many reasons.

    There are thousands of happy customers like me and there are also unsatisfied ones, but there are in the vast minority.

    I have used all adult scripts that are available and WP-Script is beating them all in all aspects. If you do not trust me, then when you find a WordPress tube ranking well on Google, 90% of the times it is their product and it is not a coincidence.

    I have said it many times, they far from being perfect, their support is not as good as you would want it to be, but it is still better what other shops offer and that is one of the reasons I promote them. They are currently the best choice for new affiliates starting out in the adult.

    You can try others, but I can assure you that your experience with them will be far worse than the one with WPS and you will be very lucky if you ever get any reply, let alone a refund from them.

    I am trying to argue with you, I am just giving you my opinion after you have called me out. I still wish you all best in the world whatever you do, even if you stop coming here 🙂

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    Sharing your sites? Please count me in! I would really love to take a look, as I believe it would help me and increase my confidwnce regarding everything that you preach here. I think I have already created a trust factor in your eyes, since I have been an active member of your forum for around a year, and also used your affiliate links for my robo site and for tmd hosting. So I think it is obvious I am a good person who is only trying to learn more, and I do not pose any threat if you share your sites with me, if possible.

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    I hope your theme crashes and when he doesn’t replies let’s see who’s side you’ll be on.

    Yes, they’re selling themes and plugins for high when compared to other wp theme providers. So at least I expect them to give good support. Just look at the rehub theme on Themeforest he gets over 200 comments just on his themeforest page, he replies to each and every comment hence he’s skyrocketing the sales which the wp script can do as well but they don’t seem to care about you once you purchased their product the owner does have time to send me about 4/5 promo emails about their plugins but no time to solve ? Even after a week.

    Just because it doesn’t have any good alternative doesn’t means it’s a good model.

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    I know pwrsonally sone webmasters who use wp-script for their porn sitea and they are very happy with it. Wishing someone to have his site crash proves what kind of person you are.

    As for sending promo messages, everything is automated. Do you honestly believe that Dylan is sending an e-mail to everyone manually???

    They just released a new one, nuclear pack, very tempting and very cheap, compared to other services. Everything for unlimitted sites, cheap.

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