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    Hi, Mister Adult Affiliate!

    My site is receiving almost no traffic, and the one it receives gets lost. My bounce rate is almost 100%. I am attaching a picture with the stats:

    As you can see on my site, I have a lot of blog posts with a lot of words, and there are keywords rel;ated to my niche, and I thought google would be sending me thousands of visitors by now, after almsot one and a half years. With such a small number of visitors and with such a huge bounce rate, I will never make money with this site and I will only end up paying for hosting and adding more blog posts on the site for free, without having any benefit from all this work. Can you take a look and see what the heck is wrong?

    I know one of the reasons may be that Nick still has not enabled the adblocler detection on one of the sites I promote, and since users see no chat room there because they have adblockers, they choose to close the site. But what are the other reasons? It is not normal to have such a high bounce rate, especially for a niche site. I am also thinking it may be the subdomains, and I may need to setup analytics for them as well. What do yoo think?

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    You do not have any good links (if any) on this webcam site. You should get some, you do not need to necessarily spend a lot of money on it, there are some webmasters that could accept quest posts for something like $20 a piece.

    You should add an SSL certificate for this domain, it might help you a bit, as well as Google, favors pages that have them.

    Sorry, it looks like you have it but it has not been set up correctly. I think that you would have to add the force HTTTPs redirect the request to your .htaccess file.

    Also I would make sure to include on your website as many models in your niches as you can, so maybe check out other cam affiliate programs if they have performers that you could feature.

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    Thank you, Mister Adult Affiliate!

    I did not know I had problems with the SSL. I knew I had it set up, and I did not check. Now I forced the redirection, so it should be good. It probably takes a little time before it is propagated.

    I have models from 2 sites, and they are quite a lot. I chose not to display too many of them on the home page, but they are all there, if you click on the SHOW MORE button. You think I should make more models visible on the home page?

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    Generally, more models equal more pages indexed by Google and more rooms to watch for surfers. But you should work on getting some backlinks and if you do, you surely will see some results soon.

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    Thanks! I do not like paying for backlinks. They should be natural, that’s what google says. I wonder why google is so stupid and doesn’t see how backlinks are actually created…

    Anyhow, I want to ask a question: I had a porn site which has been deleted for about two years. I still keep the descriptions of the videos I had there. Do you think that if I use them again, simply copy/paste technique on another website, would google see that as duplicate content and penalize me?

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    I have been getting backlinks this way for years and so far it works, but I do not ever do it, I do not get dozens of them in a bulk. PornHub and other big companies do the same thing all the time and Google just does not care as much about it if it adult and you do not do the bulk buying.

    It should be fine, if they are no longer indexed by Google. Just go to Google and put the quotation mark before and after the description and you will see if it is there anymore.

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    Very interesting advice! I appreciate it.

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    Unfortunately, even after forcing the SSL, it shows only half of lock. Can you check again and let me know if you find a solution?

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    It looks like there are images with an insecure URL. It looks like it is running the WordPress, so just install the Really Simple SSL and then enable it and it should do the job.

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    Thank you for your help!

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