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    How does everyone feel about this?


    If you have an adult domain that ends in ________men.com you would be included in trademark infringement

    Sound off..

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    The level of greed is astounding.
    In no way should a company ever have the right to control the use of a word, unless they can prove that they invented that world.

    MEN should never be a trademark, the use of it in the form it’s used in by their brand can be, and anyone found to be misleading a buyer by misrepresenting themselves and using it in that way should be sued. That’s the end of the restriction as far as I’m concerned.

    I also think this whole circus needs to end and companies need to be made examples of when they pull shit like this.

    It’s all just greed and power, these people become out of control freaks never happy with what they’ve got.

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    So woMEN.com also infringes on their trademark … And TitanMen… Me too actually.

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    From what was published anything with the last three letters “___men.com” would be considered trademark infringement.

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    so far it’s only a trademark application, not a trademark…

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    this reminds me of KYLIE JENNER trying to trademark KYLIE and KYLIE MINOGUE was having none of that! LOL

    there are so many websites out there that start / contain / end in MEN and not all are ADULT.

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    Its just stupid and unnecessary.

    Based on my experiences with trademarks I would say they will lose, however Manwin have a lot of money to spend so im not so sure.

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    StraightMen.com was registered in January 1998 while Men.com was registered in March 1999. Why has not the case been thrown out of court already? You can not claim a trademark when someone else used the term before you (unless they are out of business).

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    That’s a very good point.

    What would be great is if numerous webmasters who registered a domain with MEN included in it prior to Manwin joined a group action, under a legally binding agreement that none of them can make any claim on the use of any resulting success of the trademark. It would teach Manwin a valuable lesson.

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