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    Hi, Mister Adult Affiliate!

    I found a good domain which has been used before by many sites, as I checked the archives. But before buying it, how can I check if the domain is penalized or not by google?

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    The most important thing is to check that domain’s links. If they are dodgy, then chances are that it might be penalized or it will be hard to rank, but if there are a few of them, you should not worry about that.

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    It has no backlinks. But since it is an old domain, maybe the sites who once linked to it are no longer live, but the penalty could still be there. it is a very good domain, and I was surprised it was available. It costs a few hundred bucks, but it is worth it (assuming it does not have an active penalty). Is there any other way that I can check, just to make sure I do nto spend my money in vain?

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    You should check out the link profile, but if it does not have any backlinks, it should be fine, but to be more sure, you need to use the site like to check the history of this domain and see if it had a real site or if there was done any spamming or a blackhat stuff on it.

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    That is what I used in order to ch3ck its hystory. Too websites used the domain, one was a personal website of a lady who directed traffic to her services, and the other was a cam site.

    What do you mean by ‘link profile’? Nofollow and dofollow?

    Can you give some examples of how I can check it there were black hat techiques done for the domain, please?

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    I just reread your posts and you have said that it has no backlinks so there is no link profile or a black hat work done on it. It looks like it is not a penalized domain but I can not be 100% sure.

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    if you really want to use that domain you can make following check before you start the serious work

    park it on any hosting or Wix etc

    post some video or demo article

    add into google webmaster

    wait few days and check if it is indexing

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    Ok, that’s good info. Thanks!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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