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    As far as I know, the guys from PimpRoll are behind the site named HostedTube. My friend tried it a few years ago and he didn’t really get any results with it.

    Are they yet another adult affiliate network that wants to copy CrakRevenue?

    Can someone that has had any recent experience with them, leave some review for a newbie that still learns about the porn industry?

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    I’m also new to the adult and I have been told to try HostedTube on other site so I bought the domain but after five months, I’m completely lost. I have over 500 posts there with handwritten titles, but very little traffic. I just bet that it isn’t search engine friendly at all, I don’t see other reason since my content isn’t that bad.

    As for PimpRoll as the sponsor, I have tried different sites they have there and I couldn’t convert anything I touched.

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    Sure the Pimp Roll network has got a ton of offers but they don’t make sales and they don’t have any cam offers and very few dating ones which are two the most profitable verticals these days, so I don’t work with them anymore. There are better affiliate networks and the Crak is probably the best one in the business now.

    The HostedTube platform is a waste of time if you plan to build adult websites on it, because you won’t rank it on the Google which will thin content penalize you. Better pay a few dollars for a hosting and you might get some rankings in the future.

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    I started my first adult sites on the HostedTube platform as a newbie and I wanted to earn some extra money but after three months I hardly made $20 for all the effort. Later on, I learned with the help of a more experienced affiliate that their platform is blacklisted by Google and this was the reason why I didn’t get much traffic and cash. It’s better to invest in a self hosted website and this way you won’t have those issues with the big G.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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