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    Can I please have feedback on two of my sites.
    Basically anything you have to offer I will take on board.

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    Your sites load fairly quickly, that is good. The theme looks ok, I did not check it on the mobile devices but I suppose it looks great too. What theme is that if you do not mind?

    I see you embed adult videos, make sure your titles are unique and you do not copy them from other tube sites. Besides, I think looks ok but needs more content.

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    First of all, nice to see you around.

    I agree with what xbryan has said. The background pictures are kinda useless in my honest opinion, because you do not see much unless you are on the big screen (most of people use mobile devices and laptops so they do not see much of it).

    If you want to gain more traffic from Google, it is important to gain new backlinks from related sites in your niche. Add the quality and fresh content to your sites every day. Surfers want new and good content on a daily basis, just the same like Google.

    It would be better if you could add your destiny keywords in your post titles and descriptions. Do not over do it, add just only one keyword in the title and in the blog text. It should look like you are doing it naturally, not spamming with your keywords.

    I have wrote a few posts about the SEO for adult sites so check them out because you may find some information useful.

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    I think you should delete the background pic. It distracts from the main content of your adult website. I would reduce the ad banner number and see if you get more click on the remaining banners. Other than that, I think it does not look bad.

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