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    I broke into the adult affiliate marketing five months ago and I am testing different programs including the cam ones as suggested on this very website that I read all posts on.

    I just wanted to ask you all how you are doing with promoting the LiveJasmin as an affiliate on AWEmpire. They have a nice design, thousands of models and many payment options, but no bank transfer.

    They have quite big commissions but so far the earning with them are lower than expected (below than 200 bucks a month) and I make only 10 signups a week. I send organic traffic from a blog and a cam website built with Robo so I am disappointed with how things go with them.

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    I am with them for many years, but although I am still making nice money, things started to get worse a few years ago, when they watermarked every picture in the gallery of the models with the name ‘jasmin’. Worst than that, they now use an image that looks like a tombstone where they award the model, and it says something like ‘JASMIN model award’, and it shows up on your white label. To make maters the worst, they are now handing T-shorts, caps, pillows, mugs, Teddy bears and other items to models and encourage them to wear them in free chat and when they take pictures for the gallery, and these items are all labeled with the name ‘jasmin’ or ‘livejasmin’.

    So if you promote a jasmin white label, then the chances are your members will go to jasmin sooner or later, because that is what they see on yuor site (the name of another site, named ‘jasmin’), because they can log-in with the username used on your white label, it is a cross log in function. Your site basically advertises for jasmin, but you are not paid for that advertisement.

    And recently I have seen that xlove is beginning to do the same shit, as I saw pictures in the gallery of models wearing T-shirts labeled ‘’. Too bad I a unable to attach a screenshot, so you can see what I am talking about. And that is what the guests and registered members will see on your site, the name xlovecam and livejasmin, and you will basically direct your traffic to them, and you will not be paid for that traffic, because you are only paid when the members buy from your site, not from the main site.

    As I said, I am still happy with my earnings when it comes to jasmin, but I know I would have made a ton of money by now if many of my members would not have gone to jasmin and purchase credits from there. That is why I am trying to focus on other sites, to, not just jasmin.

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    I have been actively promoting LiveJasmin on some of my adult websites and even though their rev share is pretty high and they have some really great tools in their affiliate program page and I send them only organic traffic, they do not convert into money like other webcam sponsors like Chaturbate or Streamate do.

    The one most obvious reason why it is so is that the biggest sites and especially porn forums use their pop unders and as per their rules, the affiliate that refers a visitor first to Live Jasmin will only make money from him/her.

    So sites like PornHub send millions of visitors to Live Jasmin so it is really very hard to find people that do not have the LJ cookie yet.

    You will only get paid for guys that did not visit these huge tubes, so you can imagine how hard it would be to get new customers if you are just a small affiliate running a website that gets a couple hundreds of visitors.

    I am not trying to say that Live Jasmin is bad or something, it is just the way it is.

    If you want to promote their program, it is up to you. I wish you to make loads of money with them, but it is not a sponsor that converted with my traffic.

    Nearly 90% of my income comes from either Chaturbate and other cam sites (such as MyFreeCams, Streamate) that CrackRevenue offers to promote and I have thoroughly tested all the camming programs out there.

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    That is why I chose white labels, instead of promoting the main site. But then the things started taking a wrong turn, when the camgirls started wearing T-shirts with big JASMIN letters on them in free chat and in the photo gallery and the video gallery, and when all the photo gallery was watermarked by AWE with the name JASMIN. Not to mention the hearts, candy boxes, cars with license plates with JASMIN letters, and so many other items, all displayed on all white labels, basically screaming at members to leave the white label and to go to jasmin.

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    Hey guys, thanks for the info in this thread. Maybe I’m confused but are you saying that even if I refer a new signup to LJ with only my cookie, I won’t get commissions from that customer if he goes straight to LJ to buy credits in the future? I would hope that if I refer a new sign up to LJ then that customer is tagged to me for life regardless of where he goes after? What do you think? Thanks for the help.

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    Hi, Gman!

    That is valid for whitelabels. If you promote the main site directly, you will get paid. Unless the member decides to close his account and come back with a new name, which happens more times than we would want to. In this case, you will not be paid anynore, because he will register directly on the new site.

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    Hey thanks Balaboit

    That seems very unfair that if you promote via white label you lose out on future purchases if the customer you referred goes directly to LJ thereafter. That alone would be reason enough for me to promote via my own brand website only rather than white label. Anyway thanks for the clarification, much appreciated.

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    Of course it is unfair. I have been telling this to them for years, but they do not do anything about it. The member migrates to jasmin because jasmin attracts him there, not because the webmaster does something wrong. The member is attracted by jasmin watermaks and T-shirts and other items which can be seen in the photo gallery and in models’ free chat. So they attract the member to the main site, and then they do not pay you anymore. I lost a lot of members this way. They are still purchasing credits, and I get nothing, since they buy from jasmin now, but they are still my members, they were converted by me, not by jasmin. Very unfair, indeed!

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    It looks like they are using some questionable business tactics that have been mentioned by others in the other topic here:

    Most converting adult webcam site affiliate?

    After reading all of this, I do not think I am going to promote them on my webcam sites anytime soon even if they offer a 50% revshare because, in the end, they will take most of your users and sales anyway.

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    You are right. Personally, I respect the guys from AWE a great deal, but in the end, it all comes down to money. And when your traffic is stolen by those watermarks, you have no other choice but to be very pissed off.

    But in all fairness, I have to state that I found out the owner and the upper management took this unfair decission, not AWE. That is what I was told, at least. But it still doesn’t change the facts and the situation, as the webmasters are at great disadvantage and lose money.

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