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    Charles A

    so far i have see many people saying if we have at least 1 pop up or under our sites will be penalized with new rules of google is this a real fact right now?

    I changed the topic name to the Google Chrome Ad Blocker and adult websites, since I think that it would be the more accurate title for your topic.

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    If you have pop up ads, too aggressive ads that are big in size or if you have auto playing videos ads like on some tube sites, where they play ads before the video actually starts appearing, then you will have all your advertisement blocked on your website.

    I do not see it is as a bad move by Chrome since I never really used such ads on my adult sites and let’s be clear, while pop ups may bring more money to your pocket, they are extremely annoying and very not user friendly.

    Most of ads are not only annoying but also very scammy in the sense that you might advertise something really cool, but if you click on the banner it shows something different.

    You should never really use such ads in the first place, because if you do then you will lose a potential buyer aka client forever.

    Just use common sense with the ads. Think if you were a visitor, if you would like these ads or not. If you put a nice looking banner that is not too big or too aggressive and it really advertises a good product that a visitor can really benefit from, then these kinds of ads are future.

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    Charles A

    i have see a few that has 1 popunder its my question if its okay just have one or better non and just ads that no too agresive (:

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    You should not have any pop unders or pop ups. Here are the Google Chrome’s standards for ads:

    They will block all ads on your site even if you have just a one ad that violates their new standards.

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