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    Hey guys, been lurking for a bit and trying to take in as much knowledge as I can about running an adult tube site and monetizing it prior to opening one just so I have all my ducks in a row. I am looking at trying to grow a couple sites and keep them for long-term passive income. I have a couple questions in no particular order that I was hoping one of you knowledgeable folks who have run a successful tube site can answer for someone who is kind of new to this game.

    For seo/ general building of the website; what is a better strategy: auto populating the site with a ton of videos in the niche immediately, say a few thousand using mass embedder, and then slowly adding unique seo tags, meta, etc to each of your videos or slowly building your catalog with like 10 videos a day with unique seo? My thought was its better to have a ton of content that you slowly update with seo than it is to slowly update the website with a few vids a day. But again I dont know crap and am learning so obviously you guys know better.

    I heard its bad to add ads immediately to the site prior to getting good traffic. Is this true? Do i just work on adding unique seo to videos for a few months with no ads, slowly build up the traffic and then apply for one of the adult affiliates? Or can I populate the site with a bunch of videos (or say just start with a few that have good seo), add the ads and then grow the traffic afterwards? Or does it matter?

    I have also heard that putting google analytics on the site in the beginning is bad prior to having actual traffic. thoughts?

    Is it bad to pay for traffic in the beginning or can I go buck wild on plugrush if I have the money and can figure out how it works?

    Is paying for subheader links on established sites that I bought on gfy worth it or is this a year down the line step?

    These tube sites seem to be the ground floor if you will to the online adult industry. Whats the next step or level once/ if I can make this become profitable? Adding a white label cam site to my tube seemed to be the next level? Or just running one independently?

    Appreciate it guys. I tried to find the answers to these questions prior to asking them but was unlucky. Thanks for any help you can give

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    My SEO strategy is to post as much unique content as you can. Obviously not all video titles have to be hand written, but most of them should so in my opinion it is better to have 100 original titles than 1000 copied ones. If you are starting out your tube, then take it easy, even if you add hundreds of posts in a week or a month, Google treats new sites differently because there are thousands of new blogs and tubes created every single day and it will take time to tell which sites are really of a good quality and deserve to be ranked high in search results.

    You can ad anytime you want, but one thing you have to keep in mind that you do not want to annoy your visitors by plastering your tube with lots of banners.

    If you are buying any links, make sure that they are from great sites and it is all about quality over quantity so again it is better to have two good backlinks than hundreds of them from spammy sites.

    Also, if you open a tube then make sure to choose a niche like foot fetish, ebony or something else because it is very hard these days to compete against giants like PornHub. Even, I would say impossible for most of the new affiliates just beginning their journeys online.

    How to monetize your adult traffic? If you have the niche then cams are doing quite well. You could start promoting sites from AWEmpire (LiveJasmin being the most popular one) and even create your own white label that will be similar to your domine name. A good example is what PornHub has done for their network, their white label name is PornHubLive.com. I hope you get the idea.

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    Thanks! I appreciate all the help. Your site is a wealth of info

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    David, do you offer or are you thinking of opening back up your coaching/ ability to hire you? Im definitely interested and have maybe 10 minutes tops of questions. Thanks


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    You can ask me anything here on this forum. I will try to help you as much as I can 🙂

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    I started a new porn site and went the SEO way. I do not have extra cash after buying hosting. How long will SEO take before seeing results?

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    You can see some results in a one month or two but it all boils down to how many competitors you have but make sure to keep going and if you do the right things, you will start gaining more organic postiions.

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    1) still works https://mradultaffiliate.com/how-to-start-a-porn-site-and-make-money/ with these following plugin ?:
    ken player?

    2) which one pack you advice to me to buy first, (i’m good with wordpress)

    3) do you need to advice to me others tool better?


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    I would suggest you only use WPS plugins as they are the only adult shop that updates their products and the KenPlayer has not been updated for years.

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