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    I don’t know if you could help me – I managed to get enough karma to be able to create my own subreddit, I want to post there some hot amateur photos and drive traffic from there to my adult websites, but the problem is I am not able to upload pictures directly. I have to post them as a direct link from any other host. When I am trying to create a new post, I am not able to click on ‘Image’ the only option is ‘post’ and ‘link’ If I put a direct link to the image it will mirror it to Reddit cdn, which is fine, but the link will always stay on the top of every post. I noticed in other (NSFW) subreddits there is no link (mostly), just an image.

    Any idea what I am missing?

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    You need to go into your Subreddit settings and allow “local uploads” i believe it is called under the “host images on reddit section”.

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    Thanks, but it’s not just about my subreddit, I can’t directly upload pictures to any other subreddits except to my own profile. I see some people are able to do it somehow in exactly same subreddit I can’t. I tried embed pictures using markdown but it still doesn’t work for me.

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    Do you have an example of someone posting pictures without the showing link?

    By far it seems like the vast majority of images I see (and how i post on reddit) are posted as links with the URL being the direct link to the image on Imgur (or other hosts).

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    I do. This is taken from TotallyStraight SubReddit. Well, I guess it’s no big deal to keep posting them as a link. I have my own image hosting so I can keep posting pictures as links, I was just wondering if I am missing something and how they are doing this.

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    I can’t figure out how he is doing that either. I’ve always thought it was like Daniel mentioned based on sub-reddit settings, but I tried posting in r/TotallyStraight and the option to upload an image directly is missing. Somehow u/400lbsGreaseShitter has figured a way around. I’ll let you know if i figure out anything, curious to this myself.

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    My first thoughts are…

    Do they have levels for subscribers/members? Do you have to reach a certain level before you’re allowed to post like that? Is that other user a moderator?

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    Well, I don’t think so. I have 10.000 karma, got 2 times silver award and once gold one, got a premium membership and created my own subreddit and still not able to post images directly.

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    I just figured it out. You’ve marked your sub as NSFW. For this type of subs, the upload option is disabled and you cannot use it.

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    I thought so too, but it is NSFW subreddit.

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