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    I just started and wondering if Robo Script and RetroTube theme are compatible ? I plan to buy both of them


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    I am not sure if these two would work together, but if you ever plan to build a tube then RetroTube from WP-Script is a very good theme and it is a theme that I use on many of my adult websites. I think you would have to ask Nick from the Robo about it to be sure.

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    Nick would you please answer this question as I too am curious if I can implement RoboScript into my already purchased KingTube Theme. I was under the impression RoboScript was just a plugin to work into another theme, not a complete site itself.

    I made the mistake of purchasing KingTube beforehand.



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    It is a good theme and you might use it on your future adult tube projects. I think it was a good investment to make.

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