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    so i found your site by searching on google and i just wanted to let you and everyone else know that roboscripts while it was great is no longer available. i do not know what happened to nick(the owner) but even if you do have the script/plugin and plan to use you, you cant as you need to login to his site to generate a license through the plugin/script. just a heads up for you guys

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    This is a very serioua issue. The people who have their site running already are lucky. The rest, simply lost their money.

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    I have tried to contact them through different contact channels with no success and many other webmasters that have known (relatively speaking) him for years, did not get any reply from him as well. We do not know what happened yet and when it will be working again. Some of us have been using this script and we made some good money with it and received good support from Nick and let’s hope it will become operative again.

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    This is what happenes when a business consists of only one man.

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    Gloria Gonzalez

    So what do if we are ust starting since RoboScripts is no longer available?

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