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    Previously a model referrer, now looking at adding some cam viewer promotion so please excuse the Newb question:

    Looking at using Roboscripts on my site.
    Could someone please tell me the difference in functionality by going down the PHP route (with installation) rather than the WP Plugin route?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Actually it is a very good question and many webmasters ask about it so it is good to have a topic dedicated to it 🙂

    Originally, the PHP standalone script had more features, now they are pretty much equal. The WP plugin is easier to manage and you can install different plugins to it and if you use WordPress and it is much more newbie friendly.

    If you want to run big sites with lots of traffic, then it makes sense to use the Roboscript as it is more suited for this but if their plugin is very good and it is the way to go if you are starting out as an adult affiliate now.

    Please do not forget to use my links to get anything from RoboScript and if you plan to buy some hosting, I have recommended some in my posts 🙂

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    Thank you very much for the response!

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    Just a further question
    To use the WP multisite cams plugin on my site do I have to use the Roboscripts theme? I use Divi generally and ideally want to continue to do so.
    If no one knows here I’ll obviously ask over at Roboscripts.


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    Raised a support ticket over at RoboScripts and got the question answered (you don’t have to use the theme). Have to say that Nick at RoboScript’s support is out of this world.

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