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    Are they are a good sex toys affiliate program? What results do you have with them and other ones?

    Does anyone here have a contact for a marketing (or something similar) department for Fleshjack/Fleshlight? I don’t mean a rep, I mean someone who deals with marketing.

    I emailed their customer service email to ask, but they didn’t bother to get back to me.

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    Having promoted adult toys for a few years now I know Fleshlight has been in decline for at least 5 of those years. Used to be that you’d see their brand everywhere, promotional partnerships with sites, ads on all the biggest blogs, new products coming out every few months… in recent years all they’ve managed to do is release the Quickshot, and from my experience that was nowhere near an adequate seller – mainly because they only really marketed it to a straight audience.

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    I do not push adult toys myself, but I have seen many such offers to promote on CrakRevenue so you might want to join them if you have not done that and check them out. They are the largest and the best CPA network in the industry hands down.

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    As others have mentioned, sales have declined to almost nothing over the years which is not a huge surprise given the lack of new products and certainly the lack of marketing targeted to our surfers. But, I’m willing to give any company another chance if they look like they are putting some muscle and effort back behind their affiliate drive. So, a new platform and a good, responsive team will get us rolling again on FleshJack and QuickShot and see what we can make happen. I’m going to give the MrAdultAffiliate’s suggestion a try and register with Crak today.

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    I might be going against popular opinion here, but because of the completely pathetic organic traffic for sex toys these days (way too much competition from bigger names who got there through spammy links a long time ago – do I sound bitter?) most of my sales on my adult sex toy site come from direct advertising, newsletters and blogs. You know better than I do that if you can get the right traffic you can sell ice to Eskimo’s, it’s just a matter of finding the Eskimo’s who don’t have enough ice!

    I would suggest selling a specific type of sex toy, either in BDSM, cock rings, anal toys… something to narrow down the audience so that you’re not going after the mainstream toys that everyone is competing to sell. You could probably do that with a specific blog intended for it.

    If I were going to sell underwear though, I would try something, where you gain the audience through sharing all kinds of hot guys and then throwing in underwear posts here and there, with a banner or two also.

    Just want to throw this out there about Fleshjack too – they only just recently fixed their pricing, forcing resellers to comply. Previously, I could sell them at $20 off the RRP, and a lot of sellers were doing that to compete with the primary retailer. Guys just needed to search a little to find them a lot cheaper elsewhere. Now that this has changed, you might have better luck selling them as an affiliate.

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    Well, it is definitely not easy to sell sex toys these days because you have got big companies like Amazon and people just go there and buy stuff directly from them and they have dominated the search results for these terms. I have tried earning cash with Fleshjack but it was hard to get any SEO results and I gave up.

    It is definitely a competitive place but I know affiliates that make over 4 k per month promoting them so it is possible but you could make more money with webcam programs for sure.

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    There are some good sex toy stores to promote but the problem is that it is very hard to get any organic traffic, because top rankings are dominated by Amazon and there are also many paid Ads. I think that there are many other areas that you can build websites on like niche stuff and adult cams and if you read this forum, you will find many good recommendations.

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