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    Hi, Mr. Adult Affiliate!

    Do you have any idea how to change the sites name in the SITES tab in the header? The one next to CATEGORIES, TAGS and COUNTRY tabs? I want it to display the names of my whitelabels, not the name of the main sites.

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    Did you find a way to change it already?

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    No. I used ctrl + F to search for that tab, but I did not find it. It did not show anything with the word SITES, and neither with the words for the main sites

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    An update… I was looking in the wrong editor. But now that I found the SITES keyword in the right editor, I still did not manage to do it. There are so many lines of code with SITES, and I was unable to find one that is related to the tab named SITES.

    After that, I used LiveJasmin as a keyword. I found it in a few locations, and I changed it with the name of my whitelabel. But it still displayed the name LiveJasmin on the SITES tab.

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    That dropdown listing your site is created by a PHP function. What you can do is look at the source code by right clicking with your mouse > View source. Find that list and save it in a note pad. Go to your theme by FTP or by using the Plugin Editor function of WP. Open the header.php file of that theme and replace the PHP function by what you want ie

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  • That PHP function is creating

  • so you can replace them



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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