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    I have a trouble with some of the images / banners on my retrotube theme are not loading. But I found its the only images which are out of current screen – for example if I scroll down on the bottom when one of the banners are placed and refresh the screen with F5, the image suddenly appear. Maybe its just a some cache settings?

    BTW I dont know how long it should take to get the pages indexed, but I have about 70 posts but only indexed 14 pages by google, also seems like the google is indexing mostly the TAG pages and not the posts itself. Or am I missing here something? 🙂


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    Ok, so the problem with the images was caused by LiteSpeed Cache plugin..

    About the indexing – I rebuilded my site completely about 2 weeks ago starting adding new content. I have some backlinks etc, try to do internal link building, too. I am afraid, what if google wont index my pages because the website was build again on another platform (it used to be html page and also it was a non functional for some time)?

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    You have a nice niche and your site looks promising, just keep working on it and do not add links in every video, because it definitely looks unnatural and it does more harm than good.

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    Thanks for the hints, do you mean external or also internal links in the videos? I usually use one or two internal links for the categories, thats right.

    What about nofollow outgoing links to the friend sites, I noticed that a lot of adult link lists use this type of “nofollow” links nowadays..

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    You should not have internal links in every video, because it does not look natural. You can have them like in every third or fourth post but that is my opinion.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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