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    Please sir!

    As a beginner that has little capital to start with, between these two options which one will you advice me to start with?

    1. Designing a porn site to import hundreds of sex video and embed them on my adult site
    2. Uploading sex videos from xhamster, watermark them, and uploading them on xvideos

    Thank you

    John Israel

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    Definitely, the first option is better for many reasons. For once, you own the site and your uploaded videos can be removed and even your whole account so that is I do not recommend it.

    You do not have to design a site. You can get a theme for free and some of these templates can be used to start a tube:

    There are also paid WordPress themes. I recommend XWPThemes since I use them and they are easy to work with.

    You can embed any videos from PornHub, XVideos, XHamster on your site and you can use already uploaded videos by others, so there is no need to upload them yourself.

    You can import manually one by one or use an Importer plugin. I do not use such plugins since I select videos and post them, but I have heard that XWPThemes have some plugins that work very well.

    I recommend starting a niche tube that concentrates on a one topic, not a general site like PornHub that has all kinds of niches.

    Make sure that your domain is relevant. So for a big boobs tube site, choose something like BigBoobs4you, BigTitsLover, TitsPornVideos or something like that.

    The first three steps from this post are applicable to all kinds of WordPress sites, be it a blog, a tube. You need a domain first, then a hosting and then you will install WordPress:

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    Thank you sir!

    I really appreciate your advice

    More and more wisdom

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