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    I have a couple old adult blogs that a few years back received decent traffic from google but the traffic faded and after a few months I stopped posting and moved on. Has anyone had success reviving an old blog that has had poor traffic and few posts for a years or is it best just to forget about it?

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    Google likes aged domain names. Your blogs have been exposed to Google, so Google knows about them. Revive them if you feel it’s worth it. I haven’t really “revived” old bogs, but what I try and do is when I register a new domain name is to setup WP on it and right a couple posts, just so it has some Goggle history. Then when I actually get around to launching the blog it has already been exposed to Google.

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    I never thought to do that. Thank you for that suggestion.

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    Well. You may want to get other suggestions. I am not sure if what I do is good or bad. Google and I have a love/hate relationship.

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    Yes, I’m having success with this right now. I’m reviving a bunch of my properties and traffic is picking up. Like Lloyd says, Google likes aged domains, so if you got a good domain, it’s probably better to revive it than to start a new one.

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    Old domains are also good to for backlinks to new domains….I wish I didn’t let some of mine expire!

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    Old domains all have some value and since it costs so little to renew them I would advise doing so…you never know when you might find a use for them.

    Remember also that domain name registration is tax deductible as a business expense!

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    This is one reason that I have been picking up some domains off dropped lists. (That reason and the fact that others usually think of better domain names that I do.)

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    I thought I read on another board about someone who had great traffic on an adult blog he hadn’t updated in years, then once he started updating it again traffic nose dived. I know that makes no sense, but I swear that’s what I read. Ever since I read that I’ve been leery of touching my stagnant blogs that generate steady traffic.

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    That would be odd but then again it’s hard to tell what sets google off at times. The stale blogs I was thinking about updating again don’t get enough traffic to worry about if it would drop anymore.

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