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    Hi I went with TMDHosting as they advertised unlimited SSD and bandwidth. After importing files foa week and setiing things up, I am now getting disk space errors. They now tell me there is an inode limit which was explained in the signup agreement. So what I’m wondering is why there are over 140000 files (that’s their inode limit) when I’ve only uploaded about 10000 videos?

    Are there other hosts that don’t have a limitation?

    I was happy until this happened and now I find they are being rather snotty about it as opposed to pointing me in the right direction. I could upgrade and get a bigger limit (surprise, surprise!!!), but I feel that I should have been made aware of this at the outset when they new I would be hosting an adult site, so this issue would have definitely come up.

    Are there ways to get around the inode limits? Perhaps cached files and things I could remove?

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    The thing that hostings use the unlimited word but it is only a marketing term and of course they all have some limits, even for their top level plans.

    Did you consider upgrading with them? Also do you really have 10000 videos on your site? It is going a lot, even for a tube, keep in mind that it is better focus on the quality of your posts (adding original titles and some text if possible and choosing best rated scenes).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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