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    The important part of that story is this quote from the Terms Of Service that Twitter put in place back in March…

    “Your account may be permanently suspended if the majority of your activity on Twitter is sharing sensitive media.”

    AFAIK, they haven’t started enforcing that yet, but they can start banning adult accounts at any moment.

    I started playing around with building a social site a while ago, but never finished it because I was working on other projects. It’s got a long way to go. At this point all it can do is import archive files from Tumblr. Next I’ll build an importer for Twitter archive files. Then build out the other features. The goal is to be something between Twitter and Tumblr. But it will only be for people who are targeting a gay male audience. After having had a hetero section on my forum site that had some traction for a while there, I have zero interest with any content that appeals to straight men (so no women, no trans fem).

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    One thing I should add… Given their TOS, it’s a good idea to make a regular habit of getting an archive of your tweets from them. Simply go to “Settings and Privacy”, and almost at the bottom of the page you’ll see a button you can request to get it. They’ll then email you a link where you can download it. This way you don’t lose the history of what you have on Twitter.

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    Are there any alternatives to twitter we can get started on now?

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    Thanks for sharing that article, I did read it before. I hope it wont come to them shutting us out but wouldnt be surprised either if they do.

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    I wrote a mainstream piece last year when Tumblr was changing their policy and I suggested that it was likely Twitter would do the same and that moving from one to the other would likely be a waste of time. I predict Twitter will also ban all adult media, and Reddit will likely follow.

    The thing is, they’ve “moved fast and broke things” instead of building in the protective systems as they went. So, instead of constantly working to build the systems to moderate content and do it sensibly, they’re now overreacting to a threat they created through a decade of inaction. YouTube has done exactly the same.

    The good thing to come out of this is a diversity of new platforms. We’re currently using newTumbl and Sharesome, and while both still need a lot of development to catch up with the needs of users, they’re vastly superior to Twitter.

    I look forward to checking out your offering. I’m sure you’ve put plenty of thought into methods of moderating and monitoring accounts and posts, I’m certain it’s going to become an even bigger issue over the next five years and a core need for any new platform. I would recommend checking out how newTumbl manages it. I can’t say it’s entirely effective, but I think they’re going in the right direction.

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    This is very interesting, if they ban porn, all of my Twitter accounts will be gone except two sports related accounts. But more importantly, Twitter being the last porn friendly SM channel, everyone uses it and all of the manyvids, fancentro, onlyfans, etc. are linked.

    In this current climate of adult material and promotions, everyone is producing homemade and fan site content that they rely largely if not solely on Twitter to promote and make fans aware. I’m not clear on what this means and how it will impact everyone, but everyone in adult will be impacted.

    So what will performers do? If Twitter feeds are not available to promote cam shows and fancentro sites, how will they make their product available? The vast majority of performers with solo or personal websites, don’t even promote those links or have them on the Twitter profile, it’s all about onlyfans and fancentro, which again really on Twitter integration.

    As conran said, it wasn’t as if we didn’t see it coming, however it will flip the entire adult industry upside down, seriously. All that will be left is people licking ice cream containers in grocery stores then putting them back on the shelf, or videos of people fighting or furry pets and plates of food. Oiyee!!!

    Guess it will be Instagram or bust for society at large …

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    What I would really like to see Twitter do is a clean sweep of all the egg-shells, bots, and fake accounts.

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    The site is a long way from complete. At this point you can (probably) register, but can’t really do anything. You can’t even pick a profile name.

    When I complete some work on my porn sites, I’ll work out some of the kinks.

    I should mention that when it comes to sponsors (and others in the industry), they’ll be able to kick people off usernames that exactly match their established brands.

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    One more reason to give up focusing on social traffic, and start focusing on what really matters: organic traffic. Social traffic is difficult to convert, anyway.

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    My 30k account was banned yesterday and I will not be able to recover it anymore. Twitter is getting more and more rigid with adult content!

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