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    Hello have anyone been able to configure VAST ads on there adult sites? you know Pre-roll video ads before the actual content.

    I would be great if wp-script made a feature with this along with mass video embedder. I have seen other sites that use JWplayer to show VAST ads but im not sure how they did this with any of these adult plugins on the marked. I would be a great income if VAST ads was a possibility. Anyone there can help me with this or just point out where to start looking?


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    It would be a great feature indeed. I have heard that the WPS is working on implementing VAST ads for their plugin but I do not know when it could happen. I only know that KVS script has a support for VAST ads right now.

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    Thank you for the response. lets hope they gonna make it soon. do you know If I can use KVS or Jwplayer as player and combine with WP-scipts plugins? example mass embedder? or do I have to do it manually myself for this solution?.. I will also like to ask you, if you have any experience with or recommend them? I mailed them about VAST support and there answer that there JWplayer indeed support VAST.


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    You could do that, but they also have a plugin that uses its own player like these two. Sorry, but I can not tell much about WTP since I have never used anything from them.

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    again thanks for the response and support, I will look in to it and see what suit my needs best.. I enjoy reading your stuff on this site, I really appreciate your content and experience..

    stay sharp 😉

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    Thank you for your kind words, tony. I really do appreciate that 🙂 I will update it once I have more information but you might do the same if you want to.

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