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    Hello Mr Adult Affiliate. Could You review my camsite that is connected to the blog?

    Soon I will try to get some backlinks and also I will add few small ads to the website.

    Could you tell me if the concept of the site is good and give me some advice?


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    It does look great and I like that it is a niche cam site so it could be easier to get some organic traffic for you. I would suggest adding some more text on the homepage and definitely something in or below the header.

    Why do not you set up the CB white label on your subdomain (like instead? You could keep visitors on your website. I like the blog posts and you are doing a good job with it.

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    Thank You, Mr Adult Affiliate for nice words, I am going to continue adding lot of articles that I will direct to keywords with low competition.

    Unfortunately, I don’t know why my posts are not displayed on Google for the keywords that I am targeting for (even on futher Google pages). I create posts only for keywords with little competition, but I still can’t see them on Google.

    I also use the SEO plugin: RankMath. I submitted a sitemap to Google Search Console. It was surprising that the pages were indexed but the posts were not, so I had to add them manually.

    Unfortunately, posts and my home page still don’t appear on Google. They are only visible when I type {site: my-post-url} in the search field.

    Competitors don’t have a lot of backlinks on their posts, they also don’t have a big Domain Authority, so that’s weird.

    Do you have any why my posts and home page are not displayed in Google?

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    It can be so if your site is newly created and you need to wait before it will be fully indexed by the search engines. Of course adding some backlinks would help speed up the process.

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    Thank You for help. I will read more about indexing and also I will try to get backlinks.

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    Hello Mr Adult Affiliate, You saw my camsite which is connected to blog. Do You think it would be a great idea to move the blog to a separate domain? I thought about it because I use two themes on my website with the multiple themes plugin. Every time I add an article to wordpress I have to activate blog theme, which means that the home page with camgirls does not work for some time. When I change the theme to the one from the RoboScripts plugin, I have to reset the cron job in cPanel, because new models are not loading.

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    If you move the blog to another domain, your cam site will not benefit from the SEO that you do there. If you keep adding good, quality posts, it will improve the uniqueness and your rankings will go up. You can talk with Nick about this and he might find a better solution with managing that blog.

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    I moved my blog to another site. Unfortunately I did not wait for your reply. On this blog, I add articles that also have earning potential, so I didn’t think about it as an addition to my camsite. Now I will have more time to focus on writing articles rather than trying to solve technical problems.

    I have only one more question. How does have so many visitors? They embed models from Chaturbate. It is possible that I don’t know something.

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    There are many reasons that I can see why they are doing so well in the SERPs. They do a very good job at the SEO, they added the good text on the homepage and on all categories, they do not have as many backlinks as the big porn tubes like PornHub or the most popular cam sites, but the ones that they have are of quality and have a custom script built for their site which alone is a big advantage.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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