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    They’re reporting that Bing powered search (Bing + Yahoo!) is now up to 30% of organic traffic.

    Bing (+Yahoo!) is supposedly up to 30.01% and Google is down to 64.42%. So overall Google is delivering 2.15 times as much traffic as Bing. I’m seeing very different results – Google is giving me over 12x the traffic of Bing on the adult tube site.

    Just wondering what ratios others are seeing…

    Do the formula like this Google / (Bing + Yahoo!).

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    Google send 5,26 times more traffic than Bing and Yahoo combined this year.

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    My adult empire is in a state of flux at the moment and I have a couple of sites that are in Google hell, so I haven’t bothered looking at them.

    But on two of my sites that are solid one site gets 9 times more traffic from Google than Bing/Yahoo; the other site is 32 times more traffic from Google.

    I think if Yahoo / Bing really wanted to take over, or make a big impact, they could start by doing a campaign to teach people that they don’t have to type mradultaffiliate.com into Google to get to mr adult affiliate. If everyone who was doing that stopped doing that, I wonder how much Google’s numbers would fall.

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    Google: 55%
    Direct: 20%
    Yahoo: 4%
    Bing: 3%

    I guess my ratio is: 7.85.. Google gives me nearly 8x as much traffic as Bing.

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    Surely Google’s traffic for porn searches would be artificially higher, as porn consumers know the results Google shows weigh towards pirate sites.

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    I have heard that as well. However Bing and Yahoo users always stay longer and visit more pages. Maybe Google users are indeed looking for free stuff.

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