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    over the years, i’ve seen many threads of webmasters asking if they should drop an adult affiliate sponsor because of poor conversion ratios. some are almost funny – should a webmaster drop a sponsor converting at 1:5000? how about 1:20,000. the answer is yes unless that’s the traffic you’re sending to the fhg’s rather than the sites themselves. but it makes me wonder why these people feel the need to ask – i mean, surely you can get more for your traffic than a site converting at 1:5000+ unless it’s all blind popup traffic

    and then the question of how long do you wait when a program doesn’t pay you before you drop all their links? i’ve seen people wait 4 to 6 months, sending more traffic and sales to a sponsor who isn’t paying them.

    but what about a program that doesn’t always pay on time but does pay before you email them and pays the entire amount they owe? or a sponsor who doesn’t seem to be answering your emails but the payments keep coming?

    when do you think it’s time to drop a sponsor?

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    I would drop a sponsor after 2-3 incidents of non payment for a month or longer.

    The longer you send them traffic with non payment the more money they make, and you lose. Let’s not forget that self run programs which have trouble paying are usually the same ones that start cutting affiliates so they don’t have to pay on rebills.

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    As soon as they blame you for chargebacks I’d say (sorry, couldn’t resist)

    But seriously, I monitor traffic on a 4 weekly basis for each site I send traffic to, and if it’s performing badly, I drop them.

    Re: payments, I find it so hard to keep track of them properly. But when I do sit down and work it out I won’t promote a site or send them traffic after a late payment.

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    what if the late payment is made without being asked for and the next payment is on time? do you still drop them?

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    I think you need to have a little bit of understanding. We are not machines and many sites and programs are one-person operations. Sometimes people just get overwhelmed with stuff and things fall through the cracks.

    A sponsor being late one time is not a huge deal. I have been sick with a cold and been late with my site’s content update. I do not like it, but it is not the end of the world.

    I had problems a couple of years ago with a site. I would have to e-mail for payment and would not hear from him. His site happened to process through another big site, so I would e-mail someone I knew there. She’d get on his ass and I’d get a check. This happened three times, and finally, I just decided it was too much bother. But I figure I gave him more than a fair shot.

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    If a sponsor converts over 1/800 they are smoked for me i dont have that much traffic and i have bils to pay , but even tho i have little traffic my mate told me on a trade i have 600% prod he was shocked Why I don’t do many trades! I am not giving my surfers to anyone .

    You pay late you are gone too, unless you are a 1 man 2 man shit and i know you, that has happened, otherwise adios biatch

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    No, I wouldn’t. I mean if they are late consistently. Mistakes happen, but incompetency is annoying.

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    To add another twist to this debate, what if a sponsor is not paying you referrals that you see in your stats? If this is a sponsor you are already not promoting what can you really do?

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    write to them and insist on being paid. if you are not paid, you can either get a lawyer or collection agency onto them or you can go public. it’s amazing how many companies pay when exposed as non payers.

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