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    Other than Buddy Profits and GunzBlazing do any other gay adult sponsors offer hosted video clip embeds, preferably with an option to export the relevant data as a CSV or Excel file? I’m working on a tube script and need some content for it but I don’t want to store videos on my hosting account.

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    I’d be curious to hear when sponsors are going to start providing HTTPS hosted videos.. Seems the majority are still only providing HTTP.

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    JonnoCash, MyGayCash, TitanMenCash, IndideBucks, PuppyCash, and so on. There are many programs that offer the option you want.

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    Thanks everyone! I knew there were probably many other than the two I listed. Some of the ones you mentioned I actually promote but never noticed they had embedded videos. I must be getting blind or senile in my old age!

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    This is not something that we are planning because encrypting videos requires unnecessary encryption processing on the servers which effectively degrades the performance of the CDN. I’m curious as to what benefit you feel there would there be in delivering clips via HTTPS.

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    Google is pushing websites to switch to HTTPS (as Badpuppy and most sponsors have already). Affiliates who require hosted videos can’t switch to HTTPS if sponsors don’t provide hosted videos via HTTPS. Their website will toss a warning showing mixed content if they mix HTTPS and non secure HTTP content.

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    You are absolutely correct.

    Let it never be said that I won’t change my mind. PuppyCash.com, Badpuppy.com and ClubAmateurUSA.com already have SSL installed and operational. I’ve tested our currently provided links by changing the HTTP to HTTPS and everything appears to work correctly. I’m going to look at updating NATS and the links we provide to automatically include the HTTPS in the coming days.

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    French Twinks Videos are all Hosted and Embeddable. And they are all also HTTPS too.

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