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    Hi, Mister Adult Affiliate!

    I found two domain names for a porn tube. I will use made-up examples from a different niche.

    So one contains three letters. Example: asiannellyporn.com
    ADVANTAGE: it contains the keyword PORN
    DISADVANTAGE: it contains a keyword that no one is looking for, or it has very low searchability (nelly, which means ‘gay’).

    The other domain name contains only two letters. Example: asiangay.com
    ADVANTAGE: it has the very searched keyword GAY in it.
    ADVANTAGE: It is short, which makes it easier to remember.
    DISADVANTAGE: it does not contain the keyword PORN

    So which one would be better, in this case? Again, these are just examples that I made-up now, they are not my real domain names, nor my niche.

    P.S.: You probably forgot to reply to that e-mail that I sent you, because you said you will answer it.

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    In my opinion, the second choice is better because the domain just contains the keywords that you are after and the first one would be a very good one if it had the word “gay” and this “nelly” one is kinda unrelated, just try to google “Asian nelly porn” and see what kind of results it will show.

    Sorry, I slipped through your email because I am really busy lately, but I will try to check it out and reply.

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    Nelly is just an example to show that it means the same as the keyword I am targetting, but it is not as good.

    If I were to spin this around a bit, and have the following two options:
    1. asiangayporn.com
    2. asiannelly.com ((or any other name that means gay, like asianqueer.com, asiantwink.com or asianhomo.com etc)
    Which one would be better in this case? 1, because it has ‘gay’ and ‘porn’ in it, but it is longer, or 2, because it is shorter, but it does not have the word ‘gay’ in it?

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    AsiangayPorn.com is the one. 🙂

    I saw too many porn domains that have more than 16 characters ranked well in google.But I am not saying that long names good however in porn some seo facts changes with it.

    by the way it dose not need to include porn keyword in every porn niche site. You can use on page seo to make it porn niche using porn keyword putting on it.

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    Thank you!
    Also waiting for Mister Adult Affiliate’ answer.

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    In my opinion the first option is better and if you plan to run a niche site, the length is not that important (of course if you are not overdoing it by placing too many keywords like asiangaypornvideos) and some of mine are around sixteen characters long as well 🙂

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    Thank you!

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