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    I’m just wondering about something these days …. what would you think about PPC (pay per click) in 2018?

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    It depends on the payouts. Affiliates usually know what their traffic is worth. What I earn per click is far more than what most PPC sponsors are offering, so for the moment, I am preferring PPS.

    I guess PPC would be interesting for tube site owners, who have large volumes of traffic but lower conversion rates. For affiliates with review and blog traffic, it’s probably not worth it.

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    PPC is a fraud magnet. I’d worry about any sponsor who was offering it unless I knew they had pretty strict fraud controls in place.

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    We have toyed with this idea on and off for just over a year. Our plan was actually to offer Revshare in addition to PPC (but not pure PPC, it would be been limited to Unique Visitor and only from Highest Quality Visitors). We have basically spent hours discussing, researching, and calculating as well as getting into countless disagreements to try and find a way of making this viable for us as a sponsor but at the same time attractive to affiliates. Our biggest concern and thing that throws our calculations way out is Tubes, while some that only provide trailers can have decent conversions, every other tube site including the russian link circle type that you see rank #1 in google for “twink” have absolutely terrible conversion ratios. We had a new affilaite recently who send exclusively tube traffic, mainly from sites with 30 minute videos, but even many over 1 hour+ and saw a conversion ratio of 1:30,000 with no cookie stuffing or other traffic trickery (admittedly this person was sending 98% pop under traffic).

    But the problem with PPC is mainly fraud, as much as many of the affiliates on this board would never click jack you, or use some blackhat technique everyone else and their dog will send so much crap it will make it quite unviable. We all know that not all traffic is equal, and its not a racist thing, but there are just some countries that don’t sell well, such as india ect.

    Back to the positive, the industry is changing daily, be it for the better or the worse, peoples attitudes are changing, and we need to as an industry be more interesting to people to actually make any money be it as an affiliate or a sponsor, so maybe being one of the first to move over to a more mainstream model would be a great idea. With Pay Per Click (PPC), Pay Per Lead (PPL), Pay Per Sale (PPS) and revshare, as well as many other strange and wonderful payment models for affiliates, all being available to the mainstream market, maybe we are missing the boat so to speak in how we work in adult. But saying that the industry isn’t the powerhouse of innovators it once was, sadly I think this is mainly because the industry is now dilated by a few big players and many smaller, so should those smaller find a way that works it could help us all to get a bigger piece of pie than we currently get while keeping affiliates happy.

    Our main reason for choosing to look at Revshare with PPC offered as a bonus on top was we (as everyone) need more traffic. There is a large group of active affiliates on the web, and 90% focus much of their attention on promoting Men/Sean Cody, even though these are the possibly most over subscribed and over advertised sites on the web, and we wanted to offer something new and exciting that could allow people to be paid for each click plus a maybe slightly lowered revshare percentage, so that even if your conversion ratios were a little worse during the summer slow down as an affiliate you would still make money if you had traffic, and possibly drive more traffic that would otherwise be destined for mindgeek. But as yet we have not found a way to make it work 100% keeping it exciting and profitable at the same time.

    But back to your initial question, and answering as an affiliate, having known the average Lifetime Customer Value of each member from working at a sponsor, it will always be rev-share for me, or PPS if rev isn’t available.

    When we looked at it we looked into digital fingerprinting technology, as well as blocking any clicks from proxys ect, which at least at the time was the best security we could see to use, that might have changed as it’s been a long time since we last deeply looked at it, and tech changes daily as you know. But your 100% right emi, even if the real affiliates that currently promote dont cause fraud, there will be many not so great individuals that arrive just to try rip you off.

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