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    Gordon Craig

    Has anyone had troubles getting in touch with WP-Script? I purchased one of their themes and plugins over two weeks ago and have been trying to get a refund. Their refund policy is one can be requested within 14 days of purchase. I’ve tried since the third day by opening a ticket and sent about 3 messages through their contact form with zero response. I’m now past my 14 day refund period. I requested the refund as a previous email mentioned they are working on an actual live cam theme and plug in which is more of what I wanted and not the tube theme I purchased.

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    They reply to me quite fast, whenever I have an issue. They even got back to me after i wrote about wanting to change the clean tube player for something else. But then I changed my mind and I decided to keep it, because it still has advantages.

    Keep trying to contact them. They will reply.

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    It is unusual, at least in my experience. It takes up to a one day to get a reply, but sometimes I get it quicker. I will send this topic to them today.

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    Gordon Craig

    I appreciate it, thanks! I do receive the confirmation emails that my request was received, but that’s all I’ve received.

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    This isn’t true, they emailed me second day asking for my receipt and after sending messages too often they have finally issued a refund.

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    After 8 days of sending them emails and contacting them on Twitter

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    After 8 days of sending them emails again and again, try contacting them on Twitter.

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