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    Does anyone have issues with the WPS Player plugin from WP-Script? Just today I noticed that videos on my tube site that are using it, are showing the warning message from XVideos and now you can’t play videos because of that.

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    I just checked my tube and I can’t see such a thing. You might receive a lot of traffic and you appeared on their radar.

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    I don’t use it, but I have the KenPlayer plugin activated and I noticed that the same message is shown on my tube so it seems like XVideos has done some changes but there’s a hope that they find a work around it.

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    All videos on my website show warning message from xvideo that my website is stealing their bandwidth.
    I don’t know how to go about this.

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    You need to understand that XVideos and other tubes for that matter are aware of this kind of plugins and they have been trying to make them stop working for years and now XVideos seems to be more determined than ever to combat it.

    Some sites are still not affected by this, I think because you are probably not having much traffic so you are not eating all of their resources.

    You are using their bandwidth and you are not showing any ads that would make them some money, so it is understandable to do that from their point of view.

    But there is hope that the developers find a way to fix it but it can be a hard one.

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    Yep, have the same problem. The block is probably based on number of video page requests your site is doing. If you have a small traffic site then you probably won’t be blocked. You can notice that if you turn KenPlayer off for like 24h. and then activate it I again it wil work but only untill the limit is reached again, you will be blocked again then. Let’s see if this can be fixed.

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    I think that I have found a fix for it, but it might be only a temporary one. You should disable this plugin or the KenPlayer if you are using it for a day or so and then enable it and it will work again, but I am not sure for how long.

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    Isn’t this exactly what I was saying some time ago?

    Now you know why I am not fond of making a porn site – because there will always be issues like this one and other ones that I had already stated in that discussion in the comments section.


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    The tubes have been trying to prevent software like these from working for years and the developers always find a patch within days but now it’s a bigger problem because XVideos put more effort into combating it. I’m pretty sure it will be working again soon.

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    I would love to see all the big tubes go bankrupt, because webmasters use their bandwidth and they won’t be able to afford it anymore! After all, the big tubes killed the porn industry, and it is because of them that there is so much free porn and people stopped buying porn vids from porn companies. If the tubes go down, then porn affiliates would make a lot of money, because people will have to buy porn, since there won’t be any more free porn on tubes. So keep leaching on their bandwidth, guys!

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