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I gave up on Facebook, and now we pretty much focus exclusively on Twitter and Tumblr. The problem with Facebook is that most of those interested in your pages seem to be spammers and fakes, and even then your content is not likely to be seen or shared unless you pay, or unless you can make something that really has the potential to go viral in some respect – not likely for an adult business.

For someone like us (adult webmasters), Twitter is about relationship building and building your brand. It is about interacting with people and making fans out of followers. It is not about massive amounts of traffic. I like it because fans stick with you and they spread the word about your brand.

What is is however is an engaging communication point that can also allow you to have a presence in the mix of ‘buzz’ about what you are talking about (which is why hashtags – so long as you are not faking them – were invented). I would simply treat it as (one facet of) the ‘voice’ of your site. It is somewhere where people can publicly interact with your brand, and where your brand’s voice or persona can have a presence. Any thing else is gravy and the more passive and genuine the better (the cat #farting in your face will have better ‘results’ than the ‘look at my site’ tweet).

But if all you are doing is posting tweets about the latest hot cock on your blog, no one is going to give a shit. Engage them, make them a buddy, and that is much more meaningful. Everyone just wants to belong somewhere and feel like they have got lots buddies and pals. People want to connect. Problem is that people are so busy texting while walking down the street that they are missing opportunities to connect with real people in the moment. It is bizarre, but that is how the world is right now.

I used to think like this. I am spending huge amounts of time on Twitter and it is paying off in ways that I could never have imagined. Is it making me rich? Getting me hundreds or thousands of visits a day? Nope. But like I said, it is branding me. And it is catapulting my brand in directions I could never have dreamed.

Having many followers on Twitter is very convenient for you to keep in touch with your readers. You will make a lot of free traffic every time you tweet a new link to Twitter. I have been using Twitter quite a bit over the past few years and I have learned a couple of things. I wanted to pass along a couple of suggestions and tips. Here are ways that you can use to get more followers on Twitter:

Optimize Your Twitter Profile

One of the most important thing is to choose a great username that is relevant to your account. Pick a username that is targeted at your porn niche. Include some keywords in your Twitter name, many twitters search for adult accounts everyday. The more keywords your name includes the higher your account will rank in Twitter searches.

Make sure your profile looks attractive. Add a nice profile picture, it can be your website logo, but you have to know that Twitter does not allow profile pictures that contain nudity or adult sexual content. Set your bio, you can include your website address and I suggest you to post some information about your site. Do not forget about adding hashtags.

Add Hot Porn Pictures And GIFs

If you are using Twitter to post some unattractive content only with the link to your site, then you are definitely pretty much wasting your time, and yes, in that case, Twitter is useless.

Only add quality porn pictures and GIFs that draws the eyes of horny viewers, do not forget to add a few words and hashtags along with the link. Your posts should look like: “See this beautiful girl naked at [URL] #BigBoobs”. But do not go wild on this one as it can annoy people, do not post your site link in every picture post.

If you want to analyze how many people are clicking the links in your tweets, use because it shows you how many time a link was clicked.

Follow People

Do not follow everyone. This is a big mistake that most newbies make. Find porn accounts in your niche and start following their users. Especially follow people that retweet pictures. There are big chances that they will follow you and share your pictures.

Retweet Exchange

This is a very useful way to gain new followers and it can also bring you tons of free traffic. If you know any great accounts related to your niche, you can message the owners and propose them a retweet exchange with your porn account. How does it work? Simply, you retweet some of their pictures and they do the same with your pictures. Find as many as you can and repeat it on a regular basis, your account will grow quickly without much work.

  • Mention other porn accounts. Tweet a picture to some bigger accounts, some of them will retweet your pictures and you will get new followers. You can also tweet a hot picture to a pornstar, there are pornstars that retweet pictures daily when they are mentioned by smaller accounts.
  • I have tried to engage my followers in conversations, asked questions, that sort of thing, but I guess I just get frustrated by the Yankee Stadium effect — why keep doing it when no one is replying. I just think I have to be more persistent and varied in my approach.
  • I am using TweetDeck on my computer and my smartphone and it makes life just a little easier. You have all your Twitter accounts in one place: there is one big timeline where you can see all the tweets together, then there is one column that shows tweets that mention you. There is also a column for all direct messages. Next are the columns showing the timelines for your individual accounts. You can add, delete, move columns in a way that works best for you. I must say that the search function on Twitter is better than the one included in TweetDeck, but other than that I am very happy with TweetDeck.
  • Consider that adult products have a shame factor. People will follow porn sites, porn stars and all the rest, they do not mind having that show up in a list. But if they re-tweet, it becomes part of the content in their stream and is visible from everyone from their BFF to their aunt maude. The converted do not usually evangelize the ‘gospel’ themselves unless the tweet is super profound.
  • Do not start off a tweet with @twitter_handle this just goes to the person you are mentioning or anyone following that person, your followers will not see the tweet.
  • Sponsors: if someone goes to the trouble of creating a tweet and mentioning your handle, it is a nice idea to retweet the message. It helps the affiliate get some more traffic to the site, particularly from people following you and it might make a sale, which helps us both. It also helps the affiliate and you get more followers.
  • If you do not retweet messages like the above or on #FF or #HHD, webmasters will quickly drop you from their list of mentions. The whole point of doing a #FF is to get people to check our the mentions in the tweet and hopefully follow them. It is only polite to help someone out who is helping you. I scratch your back, you scratch mine.
  • If someone does mention you in a tweet and you want to retweet, use the retweet mechanism. Again, if you just start the message off with @twitter_handle, your tweet is not getting out the most number of people possible. You do not have to retweet every message mentioning your handle, it is best to check them out because there are a lot of spammers trolling for followers or traffic.
  • Try to make things interesting. I unfollowed one porn star because every tweet (and he usually only sent out one or two a day) went like this: Just home from the gym, God my [insert body part name here] hurt. Who cares … buh bye.
  • Do not send ten tweets out in a row, it drives people crazy.
  • If you see a follower retweeting your stuff regularly, it is a good form to retweet them every once in a while or say good morning to them personally. It is all about building relationships.


Monitor your own brand and the keywords you want to have presence in. Respond respond respond. This is how you will get new followers. Install Tweetdeck and set up your feeds to watch what people are talking about on the topics you want to have a presence in. If someone mentions your site, or gives you the chance to interject on a topic, post back at them and quote their tweet. Get your voice out there beyond your follow list.

I guess the thing I have learned is interact and do not make everything a marketing message. Lighten up when it comes to social and be a real person who goes places, has opinions on random shit, et cetera. Show interest in what other people are doing and they will probably show interest back. For the optimal use of Twitter, I think you need to be very active, interact with your followers, spend time to respond to the people you follow and need to find a way to stand out. If you spend hours a day on Twitter, I think it can be worth.

Twitter is responsible for only a small part of my traffic, but it does add up, especially when others retweet your tweets – so your tweets get a bigger exposure. The same thing goes for people re-pinning your pins on Pinterest. I think Twitter is helpful in the long term, but it goes slowly. Try to make friends and they will help you to get more exposure.

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  1. Hello all

    first i would like to thank you for your nice article .
    i have 14000 folower with about 5000000 monthly impressions in twitter wich is an adult account .
    the most folower comes from arabic area and they don’t pay money via internet .
    do you have any recommendation to to monetize it ?
    my twitter account is : @_sexlight

    thanks again

  2. Hi bro, your site is amazing, I’m trying to start my adult business and I want your advise. I want to start a blog like an adult magazine, where I post adult news, products, videos, pics and more… Is like an adult portal where the visitor can find funny adult stuffs, celebritiy scandals, porn videos, latest adult news, latest adult events.

    This blog is center in latin visitors and is in spanish, you think this is a good idea or you think is better start a lot of micro niche sites instead of only one adult portal?

    • Hello there Alex.

      It really depends. Are there many competitions in your broad niche? If yes then it will be quite hard to rank your site. If the topics you are going to cover on your site are similar then it makes sense to make a one site, but on the other hand if there are many topics and most of them are not related to themselves, you should split them into micro niche sites.

      Hope that helps.

      If you have more questions, post them on my forum here:


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