How To Get Free Adult Traffic From Tumblr

Tumblr is another great website to gain free traffic for your adult website. There are millions of users searching for quality porn on Tumblr, so it can become another source of your external traffic. It is actually a pretty good source of traffic, but it does need a lot of interaction to build a following first. It might not be easy to get a lot of followers, that can be hard but I hope this guide will help you to promote your website.

I have thousands of followers on my Tumblr porn blogs. In total it brings in a couple thousand visits a day to my sites and who knows how many to a few sponsor sites that I promote via Tumblr. But beyond that, it is good for SEO. It is one of the few completely legit ways to do link building to a porn site.

The another great thing is that Tumblr users are more active than Twitter users. People are more likely to share and like your posts. If one picture gets shared by several big Tumblr blogs, you can get quite loads of traffic.

Do You Make Money From Tumblr?

I do make money from Tumblr blogs. You have to be careful, because Tumblr is not the most friendliest service for affiliates, but once you play by their rules, you will be okay.

A lot of people think that Tumblr users are kids and freeloaders, but ratios are actually pretty decent.

Pick Tumblr URL

Have a memorable and short URL, it will help to find your blog, some of users might come back and follow you. Include also some of keywords in your blog name because it will help you rank it on Google and other search engines. And Google does seem to like Tumblr right now, which probably means your posts are getting indexed faster. Then all those people reblogging your stuff is great too. I am getting a decent traffic from Google on my Tumblr blogs.


Post interesting and fresh content on a regular basis, it can be a picture or GIF. Add at least a three posts a day, you can schedule them in advance. Make sure you post only quality content, if you want to get a lot of followers.

Tumblr used to allow porn videos to be uploaded, but then they instituted a policy of no porn videos and the reason was bandwidth. Embed codes are OK, but they changed their implementation of those starting in early April. Previously the embed codes would play in the main timeline (the user’s Dashboard). Now you get a graphic that makes you click and go to the Tumblr blog to view the video. When they instituted that, the number of people loading my players literally dropped in half.

Pick some nice title and tag your posts. The tags are important and I try to keep them short and generic, like “big dicks” and I will use the model name, especially if they are a popular model. Use only relevant tags, you can use for example something like: “porn gif”, “huge breasts” or “milf”. Do not put too many tags per post, do not add more than five tags. Tags are very important indeed – cause it makes you show up in the search results when people use the search function on Tumblr. Also, I would also suggest to link your pictures. If your pictures get re-blogged, people often remove texts, but they leave the link under the picture up.

Now about adding the link to your posts. I suggest you to make your links say something like: “Click here to see her naked”. Tumblr does not allow affiliate links, if they catch you, they will likely just kill your account. I had a couple of Tumblr blogs under one account and then my account got suspended, because I used affiliate links. I lost all blogs at once. I just post pictures and link the picture to one of my porn sites. So, if you use a go-between like a blog, you are generally safe.

I would stop putting up affiliate links at all, just send the traffic to your blogs, and then avoid anything that looks questionable. Tumblr does not ask questions, they just delete. And if you are just starting out, then it probably makes sense to have separate Tumblr accounts, but I think you will need different email addresses for each one.

Do not add links in every post. Not saying it is what you do (I have no idea) but there are a lot of affiliates out there who just use sites like Tumblr to shout their content at people and never engage, it really does not work like that.

Follow, Comment, Reblog And Like Posts

Find the blogs that are related to your niche. Type in “big boobs” into the Tumblr search and now you can see all blogs in your niche. Go to their posts and click on notes to check who likes or reblogs the content. Simply follow these people. Some users will go to your blog and if they like your content, they will follow you and engage with your content. Reblog and like content from other blogs, in return webmasters will also reblog and like your posts. Also do not forget to leave relevant comments on pictures or GIFs you like. If you are active in doing all of it, then you will pretty quickly gain many followers and drive a lot of traffic.

You should keep at it and really get reblogging and following others with similar content, all it takes is for one person with a few thousand followers to reblog something of yours and you can see some really impressive traffic from it, and more followers yourself too.

Do Reblog Promos

You can ask some bigger porn blogs in your niche if they could reblog your posts. You can also submit your content to popular Tumblr blogs.

Another great way to gain new followers is to find blogs that are similar to yours and message them about the reblog exchange. You will reblog each other’s posts, in other words you reblog their posts and they reblog your content on their blogs. I have done it thousands of times and it really works well.

Promote Your Blog

Promote your Tumblr on your adult websites. I am doing it on my websites and it does indeed help gain more followers and get more reblogs and likes on my posts. If you have your Tumblrs tied to your Twitter account and have them tweet automatically, that will help build Twitter followers, too. Although I think Twitter is just basically a lot of shouting and “look at me” but no one is really listening. But every little bit helps. The more people follow you, the better.

Study Other Tumblr Adult Blogs

Study popular adult blogs from Tumblr. There are adult webmasters that use many other methods to increase their follower base so you should find out what it is that makes their blogs so appealing and what they are doing that they have so many followers. Find what people want, and what they are likely to share with their followers, and give it to your visitors, regularly. You can implement similar techniques on your Tumblr blog.


Use Tumblr to interact with your site visitors. Run a Tumblr blog just to post your highlights and reblog others to build a following. The more of a following you have, the more exposure your own posts get. Link from your Tumblr posts to things you want to highlight on your own site.

Basically do a quality job… Do not do quick lazy reblog – take the time to craft some text that will be engaging to Twitter users, tag the post, fill in a link URL, et cetera.

That reminds me… Tumblr is all about being part of the conversation… At least initially, when you are trying to get followers – do not stand in a corner and talk to yourself… The way to join into the conversation is to reblog other people’s pictures and comment on them.

Your Tumblr blog can be an avenue to increase traffic to your website. I get steady traffic to my website and I only spend around 30 minutes a day on Tumblr. I love Tumblr.

I really hope these tips will help you to get some free traffic. Please share your own ideas and if you have any questions, do not hesitate, ask them in a comment section.

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  1. Tumblr doesn’t work anymore. They’ll just delete your accounts in a few weeks or even days :'(. I haven’t spammed once, and their support is the most unhelpful one I have ever experienced. I am going to try Twitter next.

    • Welcome Andrew. Well it is very easy to get banned on Tumblr but I have never had any issues there. I do not promote any affiliate links, just post pictures and sometimes I post the links to my websites. I have a several few years old blogs with hundreds of thousands of followers and they are growing steadily.

      You have to be really careful, I personally know many webmasters that got their blogs banned without notice, but all of them put the ads on these blogs.


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