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In today’s blog post I want to take a few moments to talk about a free adult hosting for your porn blog or tube site. I frequently get emails asking for a free adult host recommendation. Please read on. I am going to tell my own free host stories and suggest the hottest free hosting website for new adult affiliates.

When I first got on the web in late 1995, I fell in love immediately. Everything about the net fascinated me. Here was this astounding medium where people were sharing information, entertainment and opinion. I instantly recognized the incredible reach and scope one could attain through a simple website and I had to have one of my own.

I downloaded a free HTML editor (Arachnophilia) and snagged some free graphics (Randy’s Icon Bazaar) and I uploaded my very first website to the homepage account I had with my ISP.

That first site was satisfying but it was not enough. I wanted more but I was poor at the time. I could not afford the extra money I would have to pay to get my own domain and hosting.

At that time, it cost about a hundred dollars to register a domain name and hosting prices were insanely expensive. I just wanted some hands-on webmaster training and that is what brought me to discover free hosting.

Originally, I got an account with Geocities. I learned quite a bit during that time because Geocities had community forums where members could discuss web design and share tips and tricks. I also learned the downside to free hosting. It was not really free.

Free hosts would automatically embed their banners and their links at the top of every single page in your account. As a webmaster, I was willing to sacrifice some of my page space and traffic to my host but as Geocities embedded banners got bigger and bigger, I looked elsewhere for free hosting.

I got accounts with Tripod, Angelfire and practically every non-adult free host that ever existed. After a point, I realized that I was tired of making webpages just for the sake of making webpages. I was ready to make money.

Initially, I attempted a web design business. I got a few clients. I even made a few bucks. The work was sporadic at best. I could not get clients to understand the need for a website. I taught a web design class during my day job at a learning facility and even my students could not see the income potential on the Internet.

I knew there had to be a way to make a living with my skills. My brother kept telling me that if I wanted to make web money I should try making porn sites. Eventually I listened and I began my adventure in this wacky business.

Primarily, I needed hosting for my new porn venture. I knew hosting through my ISP was out of the question. I knew Geocities and Tripod forbade sexually explicit content. I looked into paid hosting and domain registration and found that option was way out of my price range.

Then it hit me. If there was such a thing as free hosting for non-porn pages, then surely there must be someone out there providing free hosting for porn sites. I opened up Yahoo and I am pretty sure I typed in the phrase: “free porn hosting”. The link at the top of my results was PornCity. I opened up an account and I have been in adult ever since.

For a very long time, I held faith in the idea of free adult hosting. When I first got into it, one could still make a go with a sex site on a free host. Link lists would still list them. TGPs still accepted gallery submissions from free-hosted accounts. The embedded headers and footers were somewhat unobtrusive initially. At one glorious time, a webmaster could make a decent amount of money without paying a dime for bandwidth.

Those times could not last and they did not last. It turned out to be rather difficult to make money as a free adult host. After a point, a lot of free hosts filled webmaster pages with so much embedded advertising and redirected so much traffic, they rendered free adult hosting practically worthless.

Concurrently, the price to register a domain and the costs of paid hosting went down. Way down. Today, anyone with twenty dollars can register a domain and have it up on paid hosting within 48 hours.

So, you might be curious. Why an article on bannerless free adult hosting?

Bannerless free hosting is a valid option for any adult webmaster, rich or poor. Bannerless free hosting is provided by some sites, not providers that are trying to make money by leeching your traffic. With a sponsor-based host, you advertise the sites and programs of your sponsor. If your surfer visits your sponsor, your referrer ID follows. All you have to do is sign up with a sponsor that offers free bannerless hosting – follow the rules – and you can make money with your sponsor’s bandwidth.

Granted, bannerless free hosting is limited. You can not build the sort of site that will get listed on a major porn link directory. Most TGPs will not accept a gallery that comes from a sponsor-hosted page. However, you can create good-looking web pages that appear to be hosted by you.

These free-hosted sites are perfect as outbound links on a Hub. Build a hub site with your own domain on your own paid adult friendly host account. Then build a whole bunch of bannerless free-hosted sites and add links to them on your main hub. When your surfer clicks a link to your bannerless free host site, they’re still in your web. You still have a chance to make them buy.

Free adult hosting has changed a lot. It is not what it used to be and perhaps it never was.

Fortunately, there are some adult sponsors and hosting companies that offer bannerless free hosting to affiliate webmasters. You can not use these free pages as a replacement for paid hosting but you can use them as a cost-effective way to your expand your reach.

Recommended Free Adult Hosting allows you to create adult blogs with ease and completely free of charge. They have been in the Free Porn Blog Hosting business since 2007 and their service is being used by more than 20 000 adult affiliates who earn money by promoting some of the most reputable industry sponsors.

It is their intention to keep hosting free forever and they are not going away any time soon. Nothing to worry from your perspective. It is simple, fast and the best it is for free.

They do accept all adult content which is unproblematic. Unproblematic content is the content which has no copyright issues and is legal. Content such as underage, bestiality, animal is _STRICKLY_ forbidden.

They do check all uploaded and hotlinked pictures and check them visually content by content. They would block your account or and your email or and your IP or and your country in case they detect such content.

Why I Recommend Using EasyXSites?

There are so many reasons why you could use the free porn hosting. With this hosting website you are able to create backlinks which may help you improve your website’s rankings. You can also park your own domain on EasyXSites and get indexed by the search engines and earn some extra cash without much work.

  • All adult blogs are Search Engine Friendly and quickly indexed by all of the major Search Engines.
  • Adult content is allowed.
  • You can put your own advertisement to your account and earn some money. Ads must be legal and target must be legal too. So this free hosting site can be used for monetization of your blog.
  • Unlimited amount of blogs. Create as many adult sites as you wish.
  • Webmasters can use their own domains such as “SexyChicksPorn.Com” or get a free subdomain such as “”. So if you bought your own website domain, you can set up a free blog on it.
  • It can be also used for linkbuilding. You can create a do follow backlinks for your other porn sites.
  • No annoying banners. And no, they are not skimming anything.
  • Schedule blog posts. So you can schedule all posts as you please when you are you are going on vacation.
  • It is incredibly simple to use.
  • Your blogs will always be fast, stable and alive. If you have any issues, contact the owner.
  • Importing videos from the major porn video tubes. You can embed thousands of videos on your blog.
  • You can create your own free site in less than a minute.
  • The adult blog sites work on all devices and all sites load fast.
  • You can upload you own logo, change the font (and size), add and remove both link, tag, video and ad widgets, change all colours on almost every element on the page.
  • And much more.

Take a look at these two real-time examples of websites that have been designed and built with EasyXSites:


They provide a free service to webmasters who enjoy the benefits of blogging. You might be a seasoned webmaster with a server farm that could put Google to shame, or you could be a new webmaster who is not too sure just yet if the investment of a paid hosting account will be worth it or not. Either way, welcome and let’s get your own blog.

Free adult hosting is so nineties!

Who are these wonderful Phoenixes? Where are they? Is this a hoax or have free adult hosts really come back from the dead?

Nobody likes free hosts anymore. Besides, there are not any free adult hosts. They went the way of the dinosaur.

Not true. Free adult web hosts are still around. There is VERSION 1.0 providers like PornCity. They still offer free hosting to new webmasters, just not very often.

However, there is a new kind of free adult host. Call them VERSION 2.0, if you will. They are always around. They give you unlimited bandwidth, storage and transfer and they absolutely love it when your site or gallery gets hit with mondo traffic. Hell, most of them even give you site content and all of it for zero nickels.

If you got so few pennies you can not even pinch, free hosting in any form is handy. The more stuff you put on the net, the more chance you have to make a sale.

With all that being said, if you are a new webmaster and you do not have the time, money or skills to make a porn site, EasyXSites may service you purpose to get your feet wet. Watching your sites (and sales!) grow is something that hopefully you will be enjoying in the near future.

Note that you can get a reliable hosting for a very low price (2,99$) so you do not need to worry about losing your website one day. Back in the day, the one free adult hosting deleted my site overnight and that was it – gone forever. Oh man, it did hurt a lot.

Read this blog post about my trusted adult friendly hosting company. They have been in business since 2004 and I have been using them for 10 years to host my sites and I completely trust them.

Check out also my post on how to get free traffic and other blog posts.

You can promote the following affiliate programs on the EasyXSites platform:

Did you ever use a free adult hosting? Do you recommend using it? What are your experiences? Please leave a comment and let’s have a chat!

24 thoughts on “The Best Free Adult Hosting”

  1. 247-Host is GREAT! We’ve been with them for a year now and have been very happy with them. Free… No. They aren’t free.

    I’ve learned that in hosting, you get what you pay for. We pay a pretty penny each month to them, but we get exactly what we pay for… Great tech support, the owner is just fabulous, they don’t play around. Even Stephanie in Billing is just very sweet and nice.

    • i have been using sites like 00webhost, easyxsites, blogspot, but they are shit comparing to the paid services. i got my adult blog removed from blogger because i posted a link to my other site, can you imagine that?

      they closed my whole account with over 10 different blogs that i had and they were not doing any spam and i wasn’t even posting any nude pictures on there, just adding some adult text so i can build some backlinks. which is even big, is a joke too. they closed my site because it was not marked as adult. i was very happy when the uptime was 50% on the month because the site would go down constantly and it received only just 20 visits a day, so it’s self explanatory.

      you guys better invest in a paid hosting because nothing works as advertised with these so called free services that i have mentioned above.

      • Me has ayudado a darme cuenta que no conviene lo gratis, estoy pensando en hacer algo personal pero con lo que dices es mejor no perder mi tiempo, gracias tu comentario me sirvio…!!

  2. Your post is awesome for adult hosting. Going with another free adult host that allows adult seems like a good move, but remember that if the host stops the service, you loose your blog(s) again.

    Getting a domain is really the best option. You can get a domain for under 10 bucks/year and nowadays hosting isn’t that expensive either.

    • I hate these free services… they are really unprofessional as they can be. Not only they don’t have any real support, they make your site very slow and they make your stuff break because of the poor servers that they are using.

      If it wasn’t enough, they add ads on your adult site so you have very few spots to add your own ones so they make it hard to make any money with them.

      Luckily for me, I stopped using them a few years ago and you better pay for your hosting than use these subpar services.

  3. Update this post, Redtube Import of easyxsites have a problem!!!

  4. I still see people starting up with free adult hosts on a regular basis, and I warn people every time I find the opportunity. The problem is that people see it as such an easy option, and they don’t see their single posts as being worth much.

    But when you consider that some of these blogs become so popular and packed with posts, it’s like spending years writing a book and then just burning it.

    Makes absolutely no sense to use easyxsites when adult friendly hosting your own costs so little.

  5. Honestly, if you’re trying to make money off porn, get a proper adult hosting package. Good grief, you’re running your business on someone else’s platform, isn’t that like running into Walmart every day and setting up a booth in aisles selling your stuff? And then you’re shocked when Walmart boots you out. Just plain dumb.

    • The site that I recommend is, but a paid adult hosting is the best option if you want to make serious money as an adult affiliate. Check out my latest posts and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me anything on my forum.

    • I created hundreds of sites and blogs on such free adult hosts but the problem is that they are very hard to rank on Google. If something breaks, nothing works for weeks and it takes lots of time before they fix the issues. I heard that they skim some of your traffic and sales so you will make very little money even if you somehow manage to get good rankings.

      Another thing is that it’s super hard if not impossible to move your posts and the site itself from them and create a WordPress site from it.

      Since you don’t pay them anything, they can shut you down anytime they want to.

      Generally, if you want to make a real money online, avoid any free stuff including themes, plugins and anything else. I have never seen someone pull good numbers with these free hosting services.

  6. I prefer hostedtube by pimproll you just need a domain,make some seo(everything is customizable) start building links and the assistance is wonderful.

    • They are not bad, but I still prefer to use a paid hosting which you can get for just a $3 a month. Check out my article on an adult friendly hosting: and you will understand why it is always better to host your sites with a paid hosting providers. I do not have any personal experience with them but I have heard on the other site that the sites using HostedTube are very hard to rank. I honestly think that if you want to earn more than $10 a day, you will need to get a real hosting for your sites. I really do not want to sell you on anything, I just speak from my own experience.

      I have seen so many free hosting sites come and go. I used them as well and I remember the site named veniceblogger or something like that. They just shut down their service one day without any announcement, so many webmasters lost their sites forever.

    • I wouldn’t use any free hosts these days, especially this one named HostedTube, since they are considered a white label so your sites will not rank well if at all on Google since they very quickly get blacklisted by search engines.

      So you aren’t going to do well without getting organic traffic. I have tried them in the past and yes, I made some cash, but nothing more than five bucks a month or even less, so it isn’t worth bothering since I have even added some custom descriptions and this even wouldn’t help to get any rankings.

      Pretty much the same goes for every other free hosting service and even easyXsites. I used to use them but I pulled the plug some time ago and I don’t look back now. If you are doing it for plain fun, then go with them but if not, then

  7. I’m look to find a place for my gore blog I did great on tumblr till yahoo bought then then I lost my account
    I’m looking for a free place not really looking to make money if I do great if not I don’t care I just want my blog to stay if I have to pay a little per year might be doable

    • You might try blogger but I would not recommend free web hosting for adult related projects to anyone, because such services usually change their mind (like Tumblr did) and they can ban any adult content anytime and whip out all your data. Plus, I do not think they will allow this kind of niche anyway. You might get yourself a cheap hosting plan from this site (I am using them myself) for like a few bucks a month so you really own it and no one can delete your account just like that.

      Take a look at this topic:

    • I kindly advise you to do what Mr AA suggests. All free hosts close the shop or forbid adult eventually. I have been seen that happen very often and starting using the paid option was one of the wisest things I have done as a webmaster. If you do a hobby blog and you like posting, then it might turn into something more sooner or later and it is coming from the guy that is making good profits from side sites.

  8. After losing twenty blogs on Tumblr, I wouldn’t waste the time setting up anything on such free platforms. There aren’t any good alternatives and the ones like EasyXSites offer very little disk space and they skim your traffic so they can monetize it their way.

    They will boast your entire site with their ads leaving you very little place to run your own ones. This was the case with all the free adult blog hosts I have used and one day I stopped using them and quickly realized that I could actually make some money with the traffic I get after I created a self hosted blog.

  9. I never managed to earn any good income with free hosts and you need to know that they are making money off of you in one way or another. HostedTube for example is getting 50% of your all sales and EasyXSites skims your traffic and sends it to their affiliate links, so you end up losing a lot in the long term.

  10. I just want to start a adult picture gallery. I’m not looking to make any money. Tumblr wiped out my picture gallery and shut down my account. New Tumbl which is a adult site erased all of my content just as I was building a list of followers. WordPress and Blogger are crap. I know not to waste my time with them.

    • I think you could start a simple WordPress site for like a few dollars a month and run it, it is not that much if you have some money to spend and you can choose from lots of free gallery themes they have.

  11. I thought of 2 types of pornographic sites, they are:

    1) Website with all categories

    I don’t know if a small site can succeed in all categories, most of them are big sites like Xvideos, Xhamster, Pornhub etc…, can a small site succeed in all categories?

    2) Porn only with teenagers/young people

    This is the only niche I can think of

    Seems to be something quite researched, I did a quick search here and found a few sites in this niche

    I have no way of knowing the age, could that be a problem? You understand?

  12. I think of 2 types of porn sites, they are:

    1) Site with all categories
    2) Site with teens / young

    1) A small site can succeed in all categories?
    2) Teens / young people, can be a problem?


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