General Tube Site Vs. Adult Niche Site: Which Is Better And Why?

All new adult webmasters ask themselves this very question: Should I start a general tube website that covers multiple topics, niches or maybe make an adult niche site that focus on the single topic (such as masturbation or milf et cetera)?

Well, there is no simple answer to this question. In this post I am going to explain which one is better and why. I am speaking from my own experience of spending over a decade in the adult marketing business.

What You Will Learn

This fresh article is all about trying to answer the following questions:

  • What Is A Niche?
  • What Is A Tube Video Site?
  • General Tube Site Vs. Adult Niche Site
  • My Own Mistakes
  • Build Your Own Micro Niche Site

What Is A Niche?

What exactly is a Niche? My philosophy professor used to respond to questions like these with this: “How long is a piece of string”?

The dictionary definition of a niche is a specialized market.

All good and fine, but this does not help the adult webmaster understand the word when they encounter it. They have read that Niche content and sponsors do well in porn.

They get more than confused when they peruse specific TGP submission pages or porn search directories. Everyone’s definition of Niche is different.

There are as many variations of opinion on “what is Niche” as there are Niches. Is gay a Niche? Is the teen market a Niche, or do they fit into the Babe category? Niche does not mean Fetish but Fetish is a Niche.

An adult niche porn site is one that does not fit into basic categories such as hardcore, softcore, babe or teen. While probably the majority of porn surfers are males looking for images of attractive models, there are many that are looking for more unusual content. A niche site is geared to those customers.

A Niche is a kind of sub-category of porn. You know that there is different types of Internet smut. There is Straight Porn. Gay porn. Hardcore Porn. Softcore Porn.

Beyond those basic types of adult content are the Niches. Niches are types of porn that attract a proven market yet are not defined as common. Goth smut is a Niche. Hirsute models are Niche content. Uniform fetishists fall into a Niche level of traffic.

A niche site is an adult site where the content is made from a sub-category of general-purpose porn like hardcore, softcore, straight and gay. Niche porn is compartmentalized smut. Promoting niche porn is simply the process of targeted marketing.

Human beings have extraordinarily diverse tastes when it comes to sexual entertainment. Some prefer certain body parts like boobs or asses. Some like to watch pretty lesbians. Others like to jerk off to guys in uniforms. Possibly millions want to see their sex with ropes and whips.

What Is A Video Tube Site?

I am sure you know these well known adult tube sites such as Pornhub or Xvideos.

Basically the general adult tube is a website which covers many topics. In contrary to the niche site that focuses on the one topic and target specific audience, tube sites do not limit themselves to the one specific topic.

For example, if you look at a popular site like XHamster which post videos about lots of different things (they got more than a two hundreds of categories with 28,000,000 uploads).

Similarly, the popular porn site YouPorn covers almost all adult niches from Anal to Cosplay. They have thousands of videos and they are run by a large team of experts who are very experienced in the adult business.

General Tube Site Vs. Adult Niche Site

While other adult affiliates beat their heads against the brick wall of enormous competition, will you be the webmaster that thinks outside the box of convention?

Would not you rather tap a market that is untapped than work tirelessly to gain those few sales from more general porn income? Instead of the tried and true, go with the true yet not tried. A bit of research into the world of fetishism returns an amount of different fetishes that would make your head spin.

  • The web is filled with thousands and thousands of adult sites that are already making money and getting traffic. It is damned hard to make a dent selling smut when everyone else is doing pretty much the same thing. How many ways can you redefine hardcore or softcore? If you want to sell coed smut, the cheerleader and wild girl venues are taken. If you want to sell mature content, you have to stand out from a thousand other MILF or housewife sites.
  • When you are running a niche site you do not need to update it very often. You can post a once day or even fewer as long as the content you add is really quality. Unlike the tube owners could not do all the stuff alone, so they need to hire writers, uploaders because surfers demand a lot of content.
  • Another good thing about niche businesses is that a great adult niche site will bring you many devoted fans who will visit your page everyday and love your page because they are only interested in the very specific niche you are in.
  • Adult niche sites are easier to rank. If you are the owner of a niche site that post the big boobs content, you have a way bigger chances to rank on the Google than if you would create a general tube site. Why is that? You have less competition and search engine sites love niche sites because they are the most relevant results for searchers that look for the very specific topic.
  • It is a lot of work to maintain the big adult tube website. It would be very difficult if not possible to run a general site without hiring a developer, designer, post writer. You have to quickly fill your site with tons of content otherwise your visitors will leave your site and go elsewhere.
  • I always thought that niche or fetishes would be easier to sell as it is more rare. Niche websites always have the better conversion rates because selling products to a like minded people is much easier as the audience is very targeted. For instance, my shemale blog generates a lot of sales despite having a very little traffic. The ratio is also very good, it is 1 to 40. I can only dream to have a similar ratio on my general tubes.
  • Now the most obvious advantage. You will face less competition in your market when you decide to run a niche site. So it means you can get traffic faster and easier. I think you would have more success with a foot blog than one that promotes the same thing everyone else is doing. On the other hand, it is extremely difficult to compete with the big players in a general market unless you spend at least one milion on the traffic, seo, design and branding. It will take a lot of time (usually six months) before you see any traffic if you start a broad site with a very limited budget.
  • Niches can get boring if you are not interested in that niche or you have a little knowledge about your site’s topic. If you have little interest in the subject, you will burn out easily and be distracted by something else within a couple of months at most. My most successful sites are niche sites that I have a deep interest in, I am motivated to post and update them, and really write for them, through my own interest. The sales that come from it are great, better than anything else I work on.

My Own Mistakes

Believe me or not, but I have made tons of mistakes in my earlier marketing days. Probably the biggest one was going for a general video tube site with a small budget.

I though it would be an easy one to rank for some most searched keywords like porn, video tube or free porn. So I bought a nice domain, then create a tube site.

I updated my site daily with the new content and I was doing it for over six months and suddenly I realized that I was doing it all wrong.

It was nearly impossible to compete with all these huge porn companies (like Pornhub) which hire teams of experts and invest millions each year in its attempt to dominate the search game. Now, tell me how I could possibly win with them.

Looking back in retrospect, I ended up wasting a ton of my precious time and money. But I learned from it a lot and I could not really have learned it unless I actually went through it (I did not listen to the other webmasters).

I run several very successful niche sites and I am very happy where I am today.

Final point, are you really interested in your niche or you are just following it because you have a good domain name? If you are not really into it, you might lose interest really quickly.

I have tried a couple of times to do something with hardcore, but in the end I figured out that I really do not like them so the domains just sat there. It had a few hundred free members on it just from Google searches.

Look at it this way, if you are a cross dresser you might not be interested in bondage. And while I am into bondage et cetera, I am not really interested even in seeing men dominated by women.

Build Your Own Micro Niche Site

There are zillions of fetishes out there. There is pony play where one is a master and the other acts the part of a horse.

There are electricity fans that love nothing better than shocking each other with low-wattage volts of love.

There are people that dress, fuck and act like Anime characters.

If it exists, then somebody somewhere probably thinks it is sexy. In fact, maybe thousands.

A micro niche is just a niche with a narrower audience than a regular niche. If you read that some guy in Muskogee Oklahoma has a thing for black babes in beaver suits, odds are there is others like him.

Really, a micro niche is whatever you want it to be. Want to build a site where all your models get nude and eat caviar out of pet food bowls? Go for it.

Do you want to create a page where all the chicks pictured look like that bitch Donna that dumped you in high school?

Why the hell not? Knock yourself out.

If that dude from the Jerry Springer show could find all those women that let him puke on them, you can find an audience for your site featuring hot babes making fish faces while they shove hard-boiled eggs up their twats.

Get inventive. Do some research. The Internet provides all kinds of places where you can read about unusual sexual practices.

Get busy.

Look through the newsgroups and online communities for unique adult activities.

Type a keyword + the word porn into your favorite search engine and see what comes up in the results.

Why fight an uphill battle when you can level the playing field with originality?

Why follow others when you have the power to make your own way?

Stand out.

Stay ahead.

Take that niche and make it Micro!

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  1. This article is like you are reading my mind. I have wasted a good amount of time making money through general tube websites when i finally realized and started making money from a niche based website. Riches are in the niches as always

  2. Hi and very nice article 🙂 I have a question for you… can tell me how much money make a tube general/niche site ? Thanks a lot !

  3. Great articles, I have learned a lot reading through them. Love them!
    (not selling anything,) but,
    I’m hoping to get your advise/expertise on an idea.
    I am in the process of building an adult entertainment website and I’m a bit stuck on the niche vs tube part. My website doesn’t necessarily fit into either category. It’s in the rough draft phase so I don’t want to say too much in public but I’d greatly appreciate it if we could talk further.

    Thanks for your time & love the articles.

  4. Great article was wondering if you can direct me in the right direction I ready to pull the trigger and I think I’m overthinking this /was wondering if I can email you and u point me in the right direction.


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