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    Could someone give their review of this site I have seen it the other day and they seem to be having good products but they’re more priced than others and after reading some feedback on other sites found on Google results, I’m not convinced that they’re legit. I can also see other blogs promoting them but these are obvious affiliates trying to sell their stuff to you, so I would rather see some real experience from some of this board users.

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    I don’t have any experience using their scripts. I also was interested in buying something from them but I have seen them on TrustPilot and you will see there that they receive mixed reviews.

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    I just stumbled upon a one thread started by one of the old members (AdultKing) who states that their scripts have many security vulnerabilities (it’s build on the Laravel framework) and he basically says that they are scammy. I can’t tell if it’s really true but it doesn’t look as good as it might appear at first.

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    Farrukh Hanif

    Hi !
    Beware of that. its a bogus company. i bought the script some days ago. after purchase i got the script with lots of bugs. they offered free installation so i contacted him multiple time but zero response from them. so i decieded to open the dispute and after dispute they emailed me in just 5 mins and give the commitment that if i closed the ticket then they agree to install the script. so i closed the ticket and that was my mistake. till then i am still waiting for his response. so again its a scam company

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    Did you open the dispute on PayPal? You should get your money with no problem if you explain to them the whole situation with the detail. I can see on their website that they offer no refund policy once you download their script and this alone does not look encouraging for potential clients.

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    Unfortunately what MRA wrote is correct. You can see it on this FAQ page: and their explanation for not doing refunds is very funny. I have purchased xStreamer script two months ago as I’ve seen it recommended on the other blog but I couldn’t get to make it work and I didn’t receive any help from them. I wrote it off and I built my tube with the one of the products that are endorsed here and it works just fine. I regret that I haven’t discovered this forum before, so I could save some time and money, but now I’m happy so far.

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    And some people still dare to state that wps is the big bad wolf, who offers no support… LOL!

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    Daniel Hall

    I am going to post reviews daily. I am hoping to have a great experience with them.
    1) Product seems great but is not ready out the box. They are slow to respond to everything except collecting the money. They dont return calls and respond to emails days later with simple answers that dont offer much help. steve passes you off to Nathan and Nathan passes you off to Steve. They dont seem to care if the system works for you at all. However. I love the work they show and wish for it to work. I am requesting a change to the color from burgundy to black and font color to orange as it appears in the demo. They quoted me 150 dollars saying it takes 6 hrs to do. ? does that seem right six hours ? I will let you know. I work from homeand i am trying to get this working. it really takes them like a week to respond. so i sit around reading whatever i can to help myseld and see nothing more than complaints. i hope they are not true. let you know soon. I will put up a video of all emails and my experience . JKust go to dannebwoy on you tube

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    Daniel Hall, thanks for sharing it with us and of course we would be happy to see your updates on this.

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    Don’t do it. This is a scam. They scammed us out of a few thousand for a custom fansite. They whole process has been pretty problematic They take days to get back to you, so many basic spelling erros leading me to believe they do no Q&A checks at all.

    Claimed a processor change from ccbill to authorize took 100 hours. And when the lead developer claimed it would take 24 hours to approve a payment I knew something was up.

    We had an indpendent security and code audit done and were told the website is so poorly made and so full of security flaws that we should not use it at all.

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