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    I recommend Adnet after two years of working with Steve I have purchased a number of adult sites. The last site I purchased it easily became the largest fan site in Israel thanks to a team of quality programmers and quality service. From my personal experience if you are making big upgrades you should move on to one point at a time and finish it perfectly according to your needs and then move on to the next point. This significantly simplifies the work in front of the team of programmers and the work comes out invested and quality. I recommend Adnet the prices are very fair for an expensive and developing field.

    אני ממליץ על חברת אדנט לאחר שנתיים עבודה יחד עם סטיב רכשתי מספר אתרים למבוגרים.
    האתר האחרון שרכשתי הוא הפך בקלות להיות האתר המעריצים הגדול ביותר בישראל בזכות צוות מתכנתים איכותי ושירות איכותי .
    מהנסיון האישי שלי במידה ואתה מבצע שידרוגים גדולים כדאי להתקדם בכל פעם בנקודה אחת ולסיים אותה בצורה מושלמת לפי הצרכים שלך ואז לעבור לנקודה הבאה.
    זה מקל בצורה משמעותית על העבודה מול צוות המתכנתים והעבודה יוצאת מושקעת ואיכותית.
    אני ממליץ על חברת אדנט המחירים הוגנים מאוד לתחום יקר ומתפתח.

    הערה נוספת לישראלים !
    כדאי לתאם מולם לוחות זמנים מדוייקים לפי החגים המתקיימים בתאילנד מכיוון והחגים שלנו שונים בלוחות
    הזמנים וזה יכול ליצור עיכובים אז במידה ותרצו להיות מדוייקים בלוחות הזמנים בדקו את ימי העסקים והחגים מול הצוות המפתח

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    I tried service for a little project I had,
    I was impressed with the customer service and there care.
    Overall I was pleased money and project wise.
    Nowadays I’m going into a bigger project in Spain, thanks to and there help that helped me expand and now I’m ready to go to to bigger projects.
    I was pleased with there speed of work and connection.

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    Tomé el servicio de Adnet y mi plataforma funciona Normalmente cerca de los 9 meses La espera por la plataforma fue corta y todo fue rápido y relativamente barato comparado con los otros precios que me ofrecen en España en ti todo estoy muy satisfecho

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    I asked them to develop a Fan site, but I still can’t see the site after 11 months. We have trouble because We have already paid a large amount of additional fee as an additional development cost.
    Nevertheless, They are asking for additional development costs and additional development periods of 6 months.

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    My partner and I purchased the Xcams product from adent before the pandemic in 2019. It took months to get it working. The models couldn’t upload. The streaming was jumpy.

    Then they added a livejasmine component to have at least some content on the site. This upgrade made the total price of the software $1499 (which was fine because after all the waiting we decided to reach out to strip clubs since it was the beginning of the pandemic). Well it took 3 months to get the LJ integration and then they lost the integration within a month. So we were left with nothing.

    Seems now that they have some new sites integrated with the product, but they don’t answer emails. I have left messages, contacted them via their whatsapp, emailed, and nothing.

    That’s my review. DO with it what you will.

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    We purchased xFans from Adent 2 months ago to start a website something along the lines of onlyfans. We had done some extensive research on adent before jumping in only because of all the mixed reviews about them.

    We got in touch with one of their sales agent who initially responded only a few hours later after we dropped our first message (maybe because of the time difference) . We were pleasantly surprised by their attention to details as we are a development company and our expectations were very specific regarding features.

    We received the package source code upon purchase and had our team to review the same. The level of coding was high based on our experience and they provided every relevant development documents to make things easier.

    This helped us to add our own features on top of what they are providing. We are pretty confident in setting up the website very soon with certain modifications after which we might also look into Adent’s xCams platform as well.

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    When I came across Adent I started doubting if they would provide me good product and good work. But after purchasing and hit them in support, his technical team worked magically and the website was perfectly established.
    I recommend Adent products for y’all.

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