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    Can you please share your best adult cam white label sites? I am looking to work with affiliate programs that let you choose what categories (Asian girls or gay) you want to be displayed and do other things. I have tried various programs so far and they don’t let you change much besides some colors and add a logo and don’t have sections that you can add some content on and they don’t get any traffic from Google at all.

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    If you really want to promote adult cam affiliate programs then I would think twice about building white label sites because they do not bring as much money as some people might think and they are very hard to rank for on the Google.

    I do not hate white labels but I have tried them all and they return very little return on the investment. I spent a couple of thousands of backlinks and on the SEO in general and I received very little organic traffic in return. I tried buying traffic and it does not work out well as well.

    The truth is that search engines see white labels as sites that should not get any rankings on serious keywords because of the duplicate content and rightfully so. Because the white label is a copy of another website and search engines penalize such sites.

    Also, it is worth to mention that people, in general, do not trust white label websites. I am mean, they might stay on such site if they find a hot model, but not many of them will give their credit card information and personal details to a website that is not popular.

    The biggest webcam sites have obviously lots of traffic and a big following on various social media networks so people trust them.

    I see white labels are a waste of time and resources for most of the adult affiliates. I have promoted the cam sponsors directly and the results are significantly better than with white labels.

    I would suggest to build a webcam site on WordPress with a plugin that completely automates the process of adding new content, because it pulls the data from different affiliate programs that you choose to promote and it does that every few minutes.

    And Google and other search engines rank such websites because you can add blog posts and customize it however you want and you are not limited at all, you can do literally anything just like with any other WordPress build site.

    You can check out my post which explains in great detail how to start one yourself:

    How To Build Your Own Adult Cam Site With WordPress For Less Than $50

    I would like to add that Rev share payout is always going to better for you than pay per sale or pay per join because most of the users do not just register an account but they spend money constantly and with the Rev Share you are going to be paid every time they buy credits.

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    I read the article and it sounds very interesting. I live in Spain and would like to have such a WordPress page as you describe but my concern is the language barrier. Also, I would like to promote the site as “girl next door” but if I have a bunch of American, Eastern European girls then that won’t work. is there any way to ONLY pick latin och Spanish girls from these cam sites?

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    You can select categories to display (it can be Latinas, big tits and other ones) on your site only. It can be done easily in the settings on the Robo plugin.

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    I am not sure why there is a fashion for whitelabels. They have never converted well for me and I have been doing lots of testing to make them work but all the results I got were rather disappointing. The thing is that most adult affiliates don’t really understand what for a white label is.

    You can use it, like said before, if you have an established site that is trusted and has been online for years. But 99% of people are better off promoting cam sponsors directly. Why? Well, for instance, Google can’t crawl most of white labels since they are blocked by default and they never were meant to do well on Google, because of the duplicate content that they have.

    Building your own site that you can optimize and do anything with is always the best way as a long term strategy. I have seen some affiliates that niche tubes or blogs do well with webcams too, so you don’t necessarily have to run a website with a script like Robo.

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    I ain’t a big fan of webcam white labels for many reasons. For once, you just can’t rank them and in my experience they always are more difficult to convert.

    It’s better to create to pull models from specific sites and do all the code yourself if you can or if you can’t do that, you can get a script or a plugin and build something customized and with fresh handwritten content.

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    In my case, white labels are just impossible to rank. I spent four figure on backlinks and I got some on established adult sites but it got my nowhere. I would also add that wls are not converting as good as the main sites, so I don’t a reason to even bothering with them. It’s just a waste of time and resources at least in my experience of two years.

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