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    Just I found this forum and now after reading for a few days, I’m considering to test cam offers and see if I can monetize my traffic with them. I didn’t find much information about BongaCash which is an affiliate program for BongaCams.

    I have heard about them very little so I’m looking for some feedback before I commit to working with them. I can’t say much expect that their top affiliates table earnings seem to be way off and they sure just made it up.

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    They have slightly better rates than some other sponsors since they pay up to the 25% rev share but every new affiliate begins with just 15% and it can only increase from there if you send them enough sales.

    When it comes to monetizing my traffic with them, I have sent them over 50,000 hits from my tubes for two last months and it only gave me 50 sign ups and I made very little and I switched over to other cam programs.

    I see other people promote them and they pay but they don’t convert as good and I have read many different stories of buying users go away like overnight et cetera.

    Plus, it’s worth mentioning that a vast majority of their models are from the Eastern Europe so they don’t speak good English so if you have a worldwide traffic, it might not do well with them at all so if you can send Russian visitors, use them but other than that, it would be a waste of your time and the money you could make with other webcam affiliate programs.

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    It seems like it doesn’t matter how much clicks I send them, people don’t spend much on their website. I gave them sign ups but I still can’t reach the minimum payment with BongaCash.

    If you want to get into cams, then best sign up with other adult affiliate programs and see which one brings you the most cash.

    I can convert my traffic with the CB and a few others but BongaCams isn’t selling well.

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    I can judge by reading some of the topics about them on here and other forums that most of the affiliates don’t have good experience with Bonga and I can understand why people can be reluctant in promoting them on their adult websites. After all there are a few solid webcam sponsors that have better reputation.

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    just heads up for all the affiliates promoting or wanting to work with them. they are doing something really fishy and they do it very open. I mean, they have a big traffic leak on BongaCams homepage where they advertise their new cam site SpyGasm and you don’t get credited for any sales for the traffic your referred. it has been like that for over a month now and i have pulled the links a week ago and everyone should be warned about this since it is shady as it gets.

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    I laughed when I have seen their affiliate chart on their program homepage. This alone bugs me off and destroys their credibility in my eyes.

    Plus they don’t disclose anywhere on the front-page that you start with the 15% rev share. They only mention that you can earn up to 25% of all the traffic you send. Why hide such crucial information? They might want to make you sign up for them with the false belief.

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    I’m promoting them and I wasn’t aware of the SpyGasm thing until I read this topic on here so big thumb up for posting it because many affiliates might not be aware of it. I have also read many weeks ago that they will add it to their program, I can imagine that it doesn’t take long if you have a team of workers, yet there is no news about it.

    Now I can see that they have even added the pop under advertising their new cam site. I think I will pull the link from BC, it isn’t fair at all to do such things to people that are sending them traffic and making them money.

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    It’s also really refreshing to see some critical feedback on this forum instead of overly positive reviews that you can find all over the web.

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    Hi, Lorenzo!

    Thank you for the info on BC! Many main sites do some type of shit like this to steal our traffic and to not pay us anymore. Take a look at page two of this topic:

    Most converting adult webcam site affiliate?

    We should all just blast them with our complaints, because it is not right to not be paid for the effort we put into bringing traffic and converting it. If I was promoting BC, I would definitely talk to them about this and let them know why I decide to stop promoting them and why I go work with another sponsor. And I would also tell them that I intend to write about this on different forums, in order to inform other webmasters. They need us, they need webmasters, so they should respect us and pay us, not steal from us!!!

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    I’m aware that most of the adult cam sites have traffic leaks as well as pay sites have them, but some of them go way overboard and like BongaCams add very visible ads and give no credit to their affiliates even they could do that by making sure that codes and cookies are carried over into the new site. It shouldn’t be hard to implement for a team of coders that they have.

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