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    I ain’t sure if there’s already a topic about this since I’m quite new in the adult affiliate marketing world. I’d like to create a Chaturbate cam site and I need a script to do this. I already have a few porn tubes and I might promote this on them. Is there any tool like this or I need to hire a coder myself? I bet that the latter would be very costly so I’d rather avoid having to do this.

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    Actually it is quite easy to do this if you purchase the RoboScripts product. It costs less than $40 dollars and once installed, it literally runs on the autopilot. You still will need to do some work on it, like adding some content in the form of blog posts, videos or pictures, but it is a very good tool and it is used by thousands of webmasters worldwide.

    It has a very newbie friendly interface and there is no need to read any guides to start using it.

    You can display iframes from lots of different webcam affiliate programs, not just the one so you can fill up your database with thousands of live models from different companies in one place.

    It is important to mention that search engines clearly love this script because every day I see sites built with the Robo that rank high on the Google. I think it is so because it has a clean, secure and fresh code, fast loading times and it also has many SEO settings that can make your webcam site unique in order to achieve search engine results.

    They also offer a free dedicated support once you buy anything from them. Unlike other adult companies, they answer tickets from their customers and they are helpful. I have to say that sometimes it takes longer to get a reply, but it is a one man company and they always will get back to solve your problems.

    So it is no coincidence that more and more webmasters are using the Robo. I have built a network of live cam sites thanks to this tool and I will keep building new ones.

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    I am personally using the robo myself and I can recommend it but make sure to stay clear of the following plugins. The one is named WP Chaturbate plugin and it is from the sexplugins. For once, they no longer update it and I ain’t sure if they offer any support for it, but I’m sure that they skim your traffic which means that they a part of your sales for using their product and it isn’t acceptable, especially when they don’t mention it anywhere on their website.

    Another one is called Econfirmpro. They were very cheap and they had a great support but then it all changed. They suddenly started charging more even after you have purchased their plugin. The code is full of mess and they don’t maintain it anymore even they keep selling it. It’s my experience and I think that you might find this helpful in some way.

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    There are some new cam scripts popping up all the time and you have to be careful what you use, because you might end up being screwed badly as shown in the last reply. The products are looking quite appealing as well as their website but their products are running on insecure software and they are extremely buggy so you might not get them working at all, unless you can fix the code yourself.

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    Thank you very much for all of the info on your blog/website. It has been very beneficial. I have some limited experience in the affiliate marketing (media buying, use of landing pages to run offers, tracking tools, spy tools, etc.). I’ve decided to start my own adult cam site partially based on the great info you have provided and I believe it is the best long-term approach for sustainability. I have purchased my domain, hosting (TMDHosting) and set up my WP site.

    I’m confused about whether or not plugins and scripts are one in the same. For example, would I set up WPS and Robo? Or, would I have to decide on one and not the other? Also, I believe the RoboScript that I need is the “Cam Site Builder” and not the “WP Cam Plugin” since the latter seems to be a plugin for blogs specifically. My site is primarily a cam site first. Last but not least, as of October 2019, what (i.e. latest affiliate programs that work for you, new plug ins, etc.) exactly would you set up if you were setting up a cam site? This is more to understand if any of the info I have read is outdated and there is newer info I have not come across yet. There may be other info such as legal, etc. that I may have not read yet. Sorry for the long-winded post. I really appreciate your time.

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    The WP-Script is the script to build adult tubes like the PornHub or XVideos and the RoboScript is for sex cam sites like Chaturbate. It is possible to use them on the same domain, but you will need to have them on separate WordPress installs and I would recommend just focus one thing if you are just new to the porn industry.

    The Cam Site Builder is using its own PHP script, while the WP Cam plugin is used on the WordPress and it can be easier to manage for webmasters. They both come with pretty much identical features, there are some differences but minor ones.

    If you are looking for affiliate programs that I can recommend you to work with, then here is the list of them: You need to scroll down a bit to get it 🙂

    As for the legal matter, if you use feeds from sponsors (meaning you basically embed cam rooms or videos from other legit sources/sponsors), which you always do if you use the RoboScript, you are safe from the legal perspective.

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    Thanks for the info. I’m in contact with RoboScripts now to see which plugin suits my site best. I’ll also search the forum for cam related topics. I appreciate your time.

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    I’m also a newbie looking to get started. I completely understand how to get the domain, host, wordpress, roboscript, and how to sign up for affiliate marketing. But seeing that I have no experience with using roboscript, I’m unsure how this works. If a user were to go to my site, click on a girl, go to view her profile on chaturbate or what may have you, then they subsequently sign up for the site, how will chaturbate know that they were directed there by me? Is each cam on my webpage automatically redirecting them using my affiliate url so I can be compensated?

    Also when it comes to building a cam site, is it important to have a niche? Or should it just be a general cam site with everything posted in it?

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    Of course you are going to get credit for every sale you refer from your website, provided you have entered an affiliate code in your Robo settings. If you do this, they will get your cookie that will be tied to them.

    I have explained it many times on this forum already. Generally, if start a niche cam site, it is way easier to rank and conversion ratios are better but the disadvantage is that you have less potential traffic to get since the market is smaller.

    You can see the longer answer here:

    Cam site: Go for small niche or just general?

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    Alright thanks a bunch. I have a niche in mind. Another quick question. I don’t see MFC on the list of supproted camsites by roboscript. Do you know a script that does support MFC?

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