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    Carlos Vieira

    Hi, I’m from Brazil I have an adult website and I have a hard time getting free backlinks.
    My site has a PA:15 ans DA:17 in SEO MOZ.
    I have too social account Twitter, but with few followers.
    My site have a 200 access for day, being between 30 and 50 accesses organic traffic this is horrible and little.

    How do I get enough free backlinks to increase my site’s organic traffic?

    Sorry for my english.

    Your support is incredible. Thanks for help us !!

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    You can get backlinks for free from many sources, but remember that you should always aim to get links from quality adult websites, not some spammy ones.

    So I would try to search for forums in your niche and sign up for them, be the part of the community and then once you build up your post count, you might try to build some backlinks from there.

    You can also contact webmasters that own websites similar to yours and ask them about the link exchange in the posts or on the sidebar.

    Building backlinks for adult websites is not easy and very rarely someone will link to you voluntarily unless you have an authority site that is popular and has a really solid content, so you have to work a bit on it.

    Do not ever use any automated SEO software that will magically give you hundreds of links in no time for free or very little, because they will get you penalized and your domain blacklisted.

    If you have some budget, you can buy some backlinks from established websites and it is the most effective way, but it requires some investment so it is not free.

    Another way I can think of is to create small related adult websites that are related to your money making site and write a few posts or add some videos to them and then create backlinks from them to your main website.

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    ‘Another way I can think of is to create small related adult websites that are related to your money making site and write a few posts or add some videos to them and then create backlinks from them to your main website.’

    But wouldn’t those backlinks have zero value? They are not from well-known sites, so google will not care about those.

    It baffles me how google can be so stupid and not know that backlinks should not be a ranking factor, the reason being because BACKLINKS ARE NOT NATURAL! The webmasters keep creating them, so why don’t the guys from google make an update and remove backlinking from being a ranking factor, since they are not natural?

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    If you build this small site on a separate IP address and with some unique posts and you add a few backlinks from them once in a while so they look natural. Many adult or mainstream, medium or big sized sites, does that and I have been doing something similar with good results as well.

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    I just want to give a warning before you use any of these mass backlink creation softwares or services. Many people will offer you thousands of links for very little, especially on GFY or on Fiverr, but forget about them, because not only they come from very low quality sites with very spammy tactics but also they won’t do you any good whatsoever.

    I have learned the hard way that using such services isn’t a clever idea. My first site very quickly lost all the organic traffic and my domain was not even appearing on the search results anymore, so they blacklisted it.

    What has been working for me so far is buying links one by one from great websites.

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    Just forget about the black hat stuff, spamming, cheap bulk links, those old tactics might have worked before but now they will get your ass banned from searches.

    If you want them for free then your choice is fairly limited. You can get some do follow links on related adult sites by exchanging or try some forums, but add some valuable posts first.

    You could build some blogs on blogger, tumblr or other free platforms, but obviously, you should get them on a paid hosting if you can afford it, because you can totally control them.

    I have created thirty small blogs for link proposes, but I still update them once in a while and it costs me over $50 a month to maintain them, but it is definitely worth it judging by the SEO results and the profits.

    I would suggest investing some money in paid links because it will pay off even if they are expensive and often they are if you ask to get published on a popular website.

    Also, make sure to diversify your backlinks, so get do and no follow links from different sources, be it forums, tubes, guests posts and more to make your link profile look natural.

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    Suppose someone site getting thousands of backlinks from single domain then it gives same link juice as per getting single link from a domain which is relevant and good DA.

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    Porn girl

    Try to find adult related blogs and comment with linking your website. Do it manually and you will see good natural results.

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    I got 5 do follow backlinks from porn list sites for free but to do that, you need some traffic or put up a reciprocity link on yours but I think it is worth it since I started seeing some search rankings improve and the traffic is increasing.

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    Linkspun or other link changer are good options here!

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