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    Heena Khan

    write post for famous websites.

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    i have used linkspun in the past a lot, there were thousands of quality traders there, but i haven’t used it for ages and i saw you mention them the other day so i logged into my account and there are very few good possible exchanges to be made. i ain’t sure if there is a better alternative or something, but they used to be my go to place to get backlinks but these days it’s hard, maybe in my niches, to find anything valuable on linkspun.

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    For me the best working methods is trading backlinks with other adult sites. But you have to have some traffic to do this because most of the time your offers will be turned down since webmasters are only interested in trading with similar stats, obviously.

    Buying is another option, but you need to have money for this and it can be a costly investment, but it does pay off.

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    There are many ways to get backlinks. Look for sites that allow you to put the URL in your signatute. For examples aomething like:

    Looking for the naughtiest pics on the web? Check out No intrusive ads, not malware, no BS, just good porn.

    Should work to help generate you backlinks.

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    Nice article

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    hey i need your some help suggest me what should i do to get better google ranking of my adult site and how should i build backlinks and get suggest some huge traffic resorces

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    I think that this very topic should give you some great insight on how to do this. In order to improve your rankings, you will need to do the search engine optimization and you should consider adding unique titles, make sure to have a fast loading theme and the quality backlinks are still very important and they will get you far if you plenty of them.

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    i have to admit that your Moz metrics aren’t bad at all. with some good seo work, you should be able to get some rankings in no time. if your website is in Portuguese (you’ve mentioned that you’re from the Brazil) then make sure to get links written in the same language and on the similar topic, because if you get them from random places, you’ll be penalized with the next Google update. just don’t rush things, it’ll take time to get them but you’ll get there if you’re persistent.

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    Wow… Why don’t we exchange backlinks with ourselves to help everyone at least all of us have adult sites

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    I need paid seo service any good one ??

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