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    Mr Adult Affiliate, I want to start my own adult webcam site as an affiliate. Do you think that I can still make a profit if I start now or it’s a bit late? I think a lot of people have done that so far. An honest opinion please!

    And if the answer is yes, who can help me with this as a beginner, you can put me in touch with a person to discuss more, etc? I would like to start with the best solutions even if they are not cheap.

    I’ll look for a possible answer!


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    Sure it is hundreds of new sites are being created every day and there is always room for improvements out there. I start new projects every week and honestly, it is never too late if you know what to do in order to beat your competitors in the ranking results.

    I have the whole post dedicated to this very topic and you can read it here:

    How To Build Your Own Adult Cam Site With WordPress For Less Than $50

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    Ok, but with AdBlock enabled the rooms do not open and remained only a black image, If the site are created with Robo plugin. On CB or other Cam site are open even if the users has Adblock enable.

    Outside of this, on Robo website exist 2 option. The WP Cam Plugin Multisite [CBBMU] and The Cam Site Builder [CSB] – Regular. Which option do you think would be better, that script or the multisite plugin?

    Do you know how much space a single site takes up? Is a simple shared hosting plan enough for a start?


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    It is because the AdBlocker detects the affiliate code and links and they block it. The best solution is to create the CB white label and then send the visitors to it rather than the sponsor directly.

    I think that you should go with the CBBMU as you can pull lots of models from different cam sites on it and it is easier to run for newcomers.

    For the Robo, technically you could start with the low end shared hosting plan, if you are just starting out and you do not have any traffic, but the VPS with 2 core and 2 GB of memory would be a wise choice but you can upgrade to it after you exceed the resources.

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    I can put ads or cams room from CrackRevenue website on my cam site as an affiliate? From this website:

    And if answer is yes, how is best to put from they, only cams rooms, or only ads, etc?


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    Sure, you can do this, they even have the WordPress plugin for affiliates. You can put any offers that Crak has, there are not restrictions.

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